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Last active April 13, 2022 18:37
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.58988 Test 04/06/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.59212 Release 4/13/2022
Slavey is now +4 Orders, +1 Discontent
Marsh tile acts as a fresh water source, and causes damage to units resting on it, units are less likely to spawn on marsh tiles
Updates to Families:
Clerics: +50% from Temples/Monasteries, -2 Discontent per city
Traders: Higher opinion boost from distant cities
Hunters: updated hostile unit negative opinion to only include rebels, raiders and tribes
Unit Changes:
Polybolos movement has been reduced to 1
Rebel units cannot attack or pillage after being generated
Mounted units do not get attack bonus on tiles with Improvements (Clear tiles mean no Vegetation or Improvements)
Rout strength penalty removed, costs -1 damage to attacker, can be blocked by Polearm units
Units which can promote without spending Training do not go on cooldown
Tech Tree:
Range improvement moved from Machinery to Composite Bow
Cohorts now requires Land Consolidation instead of Citizenship
Moved Training Boost to Steel
Love Shrine: Doubled Growth yield
Garrison/Stronghold/Citadel now require 1/4/7 active laws
Cutting scrub now costs 1 order
Increased the regrowth rate of scrub
Hostages now give small positive opinion boost
No Force March game option has been added
Science yield from Inquiry has been reduced
Adjusted Rally Troops and Hold Court yields
Harbor improvement now has animation
Chariot animation has been updated
Cataphract has new animation
Improved Stats screen, which can now be opened with F8
Stat ranks in competitive MP are hidden until game is over or player has surrendered
Resources now go semi-transparent when they share a tile with a ping
Marble rocks now become translucent when their tile is occupied
Improvements to AI
Including AI city family selection
Avoids hiring damanged mercenaries
Improvements for no-development start
Updated terrian to improve performance
Players can now join as host for remotely hosted game on a headless server
This allows the player to perform normal host actions (kick players, continue the game by cloud, change turn style and turn timer)
New Events
Festering Vengeance
Fresh Perspective
Wayward Son
Rival Expedition
Hunting Accident
Warrior of Egypt
Taking Up a Hobby
The Fair
Blood and Sand
Winters to Come
The Open Air
The Sport of Kings
Sea for Ourselves
From Afar
Ruined Ambitions
Early Ambitions
Growing Ambitions
Developing Ambitions
Ultimate Ambitions
Sasanid Ambitions
Family Ambitions
Noble Jewish Ambitions
Zoroastiran Ambitions
Religion Ambitions
Ambitions of Faith
The Ambitions of Her Family
Oligarch Ambitions
The Magnificent Ambitions
Various text and event fixes
Resolved issue where city that has been captured wasn't displaying projects properly
Specialist Panel now accounts for queued specialists
Fixed issue with caravan that caused game to crash
Fixed issue with Barbarian scenario when playing with AI opponents
Fixed some UI issues when using Ultrawide screens
Fixes to Archetype dropdown in Multiplayer
Fixed issue where choosing "The court will choose the laws" would show the next event on the laws screen
Victory/loss event stays active (but hidden) when choosing to view stats/timeline
Fixed issue with healthbar preview
Fixed issue where city would pan to unrevealed cities
Game no longer displays leader information or actions if player has not yet made contact with that nation
Tooltips now reveal less information about undiscovered nations in multiplayer
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