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Last active March 2, 2022 21:21
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.58023 Test 02/23/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.58128 Release 03/02/2022
All tribal mercenaries cost a small amount of Money for Consumption
Routing units no longer advance without killing all enemy units in a tile, but may attack again from their original tile
Player capital always starts with Garrison
Champions start with a Warrior in Family Seat
Human player more likely to start towards the middle of the map in single-player
Resources in borders without Improvements now give a small amount of yield per turn
Added Burn action: pillaging without a cooldown but with a Training cost and no pillaged yields
Pillage action has a cooldown once more
Infertility is now random (25% chance each year) after hitting age 38 for women and 70 for men
Modio plugin upgrade is for epic build and fixes a bug with mod subscriptions
Improvements to AI including ability for AI to hire mercenaries
Additional improvements to the reminder system
The No-Characters option hides, rather than makes disabled, other game options that do not apply
Unit effect/promotion icons to extend past 4 columns even when there are more than 8 total
Added in-game menu option to continue a network game by cloud
World Maps have been added to Scenarios Menu
Play-by-cloud: Added the ability to set a message that is displayed to other players when it's your turn
When there is such a message, the game name in the list of cloud games turns red
This feature can be used to set an "away" message, so players can easily tell which of their cloud games are paused
Added more complete information about teammate yields in multiplayer games
New Events
A Voice Breaks Through
Education of the Rightful Heir
Iron and Anguish
Tribal Hero
Religious Raids
Gray Dust
Fair Quarry
Independent Merchant
Trading Favors
Debt Repaid
In a Bind
A Matter of Concern
Neferure's Grand Expedition
Hungry Forge
The Pitted Land
Military Leadership
Economic Focus
Bargaining Chips
Various minor text and event changes
Fixed issue with player reload count
Fixed difficulty being reset to default in scenarios
Play-by-cloud game now gets passed on to the next player, if the previous player wins and chooses not to continue
Fixed issue with cloud saves not always being deleted
Fixed issue where sometimes opinions are not properly synced
Fixed issue with simultaneous turns
Fixed where it was possible to get Legitimacy multiple times for the same map element on premade maps
Fixed selected unit panel fatigue pips not updating when selecting non-allied units
Fixed doubled death warning that occured in some missions
Fixed inconsistencies in player start locations in team games
Fixed issue where children were able have bastards
Fixed issue with mirror-map resource generation
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