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Last active February 3, 2021 22:10
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.46814 Test (02/01/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.46889 Early Release (02/03/2021)
Technology costs have been rebalanced
Base city science has been reduced by 50%
Sage Families will now acquire a random technology upon their Family seat being founded
All Babylonian cities now produce +1 science/turn (Down from +2)
The Musaeum now provides +2 culture/turn per culture level (Down from +4)
The Philosophy law now grants +1 science per forum (Down from +2)
Rural and Apprentice/Master/Elder Specialist bonuses have been reduced by 50%
Families now desire 2 luxuries each
Some new goals have been added
Build 6 Cathedrals
Make peace with everyone
Urban tile costs are now affected by tile height
For example, adding an urban tile on a hill tile will now cost more than adding an urban tile to a flat tile
Costs no longer rise for each tile added
Egypt’s initial family tree has been updated
Egypt’s introduction text has been updated
The following units have been updated with new animations
Elite Nomad Warlord
Elite Nomad Skirmisher
Zoroastrian Disciple
Jewish Disciple
Christian Disciple
Manichaean Disciple
The following unit icons have been updated
War Elephant
Horse Archer
Akkadian Archer
Camel Archer
The Wisdom Shrine [Nabu / Athena] icon has been updated
Various bonus technology icons have been updated
A new event portrait has been added
Debauche et Demise
Various teenage variants of Greek portraits have been added
Some turn notification icons have been updated
Various ‘Choose Character’ assignment panels have received some updates
Increased the size of buttons on the Laws screen
Technology tooltips have been simplified
The following units have been updated with new attack, death, hit, and run SFX
Elite Huscarl
Elite Marauder
Elite Nomad Marauder
The following units have been updated with new selection sounds
Elite Gaesata
Elite Huscarl
Elite Clubthrower
New Events
Tutorial: Unit Attack Cooldown
This tutorial explains the attack cooldown
Tutorial: Unit on Cooldown
This tutorial explains units that are on cooldown
Miraculous Return
A missing member of your nation returns to court
Armed and Incubated
You receive news that an incubated member of your nation has escaped the care of the priests
The Tide of Battle
Your troops look to you for guidance in turning the tide of battle
New events involving tribes cancelling peace treaties have been added
New events involving scheming heirs have been added
AI now performs various missions
Improved AI danger awareness
AI now moves its units before managing its empire
AI no longer attacks other players’ rebels unless those units are inside their territory
Improved military AI
AI knows how to launch offensives
The AI now builds forts
AI knows to take advantage of forts for sentry
Miscellaneous Changes
Barbarian Invasion Mod (Only available in test branch)
Tribal units (including raiders) will now raze any cities they capture
The Q and E hotkeys have been changed to cycle between tab panels rather than cities
There are no longer hotkeys for cycling between cities
Right-clicking links will now open the relevant encyclopedia page, if applicable
City names are now picked at random (After the Capital is founded)
Please note that these changes may cause city names to appear incorrectly on older saves, this is a visual issue and will not impact gameplay
New city names have been added for the following nations
Arid Plateau and Coastal Rain Basin maps now have a chance to get a mountain range at the top instead of the bottom
Suggestions for city builds now include choices that the player does not have enough resources to build, as long as the player has enough money to buy them
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where links and icon names were appearing in Multiplayer game turn summary emails
Fixed an issue where units could sometimes be promoted indefinitely beyond level 5
Fixed an issue where city sites were not activating after being razed in the Barbarian Invasion mod
Fixed an issue where Founder’s spouses were not appearing in the family tree
Fixed an issue where all parents of heirs weren’t appearing in the family tree
Fixed some issues that could occur on the inheritance screen when using characters actions with the screen active
Fixed an issue where certain UI elements weren’t hiding properly when opening tab overlays
Fixed an issue where left clicking on links in the encyclopedia wasn’t working
Fixed some issues with encyclopedia portraits
Fixed an issue where certain trait/archetype links weren’t pointing to the correct encyclopedia page
Fixed an issue where certain status icons weren’t showing tooltip text
Fixed an issue where discontent / citizen font color was not updating on the city tab list
Fixed an issue where using undo could cause issues with unit facing
Fixed an issue where previous/current turn notifications weren’t accounting for turn order
Fixed an issue where certain notifications didn’t have a header message
Fixed an issue where family and city information wasn’t always updating properly in the appropriate tabs
Fixed an issue where mission menus were incorrectly starting opened/expanded
Fixed an issue where fish would sometimes jump out of the water backwards
Fixed an issue with certain goals not requiring the listed amounts
Fixed an issue where character list job/role icons were not producing helptext
Fixed an issue with character promotion helptext
Fixed an issue where AI was not assigning generals
Fixed an issue where AI was not building enough unique units
Fixed an issue with AI’s use of caravans
Fixed various issues with AI handling religion
Fixed an issue with AI upgrading settlers to workers
Fixed an issue where AI tried to use disciples to chop trees
Fixed an AI mission crash
Fixed an issue where marriage missions weren’t offering marriage events
Fixed some issues with succession
Fixed an issue with the Doomed trait
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when cycling through notifications
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when selecting players with no leader
Fixed a null reference error that could occur on the ambition popup
Fixed some issues with renaming characters and religions
Fixed some issues where character opinion / religion information wasn’t updating properly
Fixed some issues with the Victory popup
Fixed some null reference animation errors
Fixed some audio assert errors
Fixed other various audio issues
Fixed some portrait issues
Fixed various event issues
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