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Last active July 21, 2021 21:03
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.53545 Test 7/19/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.53625 Release 7/21/2021
Via Recta now produces a free caravan every 10 turns instead of unlocking them
Pygmalion can now get married and have kids
Additional text added to tooltips, tutorials and help links
UI now prompts canceling improvements when moving workers
The Unusual Chancellor Event has been updated
Combat camera background updated
Manichaen temple now has teamcolor
Help Menu and Tech Tree icons have been updated
F1 will now open the Help Menu/Encyclopedia
Improved load times on tech tree screen
General improvements to performance including optimization to trees
Sound that plays at begining of new turn has been adjusted to wait for popups to complete
New Events:
A Sound Investment
Surplus Stone
Addressed issue with some goals in One City Challenge
Fixed issue where minor cities weren't building despite being surrounded by nation's tiles
Fix for "A New Method" event
Fixed issue where large seas would generate diagonal line of water instead of large sea.
fixed num opponents dropdown showing wrong selection label in SP setup (OW10-10472)
Advanced settings issue where number of opponents was erroneously being reduced on adjusting other settings
Addressed issue where the cost of urban specialists did not take into account the -20% modifier for Sage families
Addressed issue where imprison action was not always working
We now show spouse/heir yield contributions in court slot tooltip if slot is filled
fixed issue where luxuries button was not opening family panel when there was no missing luxury available
Issues Addressed from test version:
Issue where lines in tech tree were not being generated properly
Fix for Holy sites being paused
Addressed issue where the right-click menus were sometimes being cut off between turns
Fixed issue with tooltips when hovering over event options
Fixed issue with tech discovered popup not being displayed
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