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Last active January 27, 2021 22:17
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.46523 Test (01/25/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.46614 Early Release (01/27/2021)
The ‘Maneuvers’ unit trait now grants +25% combat strength when attacking into flat/clear tiles
Units will now receive a 10% attack bonus if attacking while hidden
Forts no longer make tiles urban
The Pyramids can now be built on sand
Cleric families can now build improvements on sand
Forts now grant +1 vision
Add Urban costs now rise for each urban tile added
The Caravan unit’s construction cost is now 60 Growth (Down from 80)
The Settler unit can now be upgraded to a Worker unit
Caravans now move up to their fatigue limit (3 steps)
Zealot Leader Generals cannot die with more than 1 HP
Some goals have been adjusted
Build 3 Caravans has been reduced to 2
Build 6 caravans has been reduced to 4
The following improvement models have been updated
Wisdom Shrine [Nabu / Athena]
Water Shrine [Melqart / Poseidon / Anahita]
Hills have received some more updates
Hills now look different based on the terrain (Snow, Desert, etc.)
The Inheritance screen has been updated to display a unique frame for dead characters
The following law icons have been updated
The following unit icons have been updated
Turreted Elephant [The bonus technology card for this unit has also been updated]
Crossbowman [The bonus technology card for this unit has also been updated]
More teenage variants of Egyptian portraits have been added
The Religion screen has been removed
All religions are now listed on the Religions/Families tab
Founding requirements can be displayed by hovering over the Religion
Clicking the Religion will display all notable information and actions, such as adopting the Religion as your state Religion
The Law screen has received a few updates
Enacted laws will now display their upkeep costs
Simplified tooltips in this screen
The Spymaster action panel has been updated with an ‘Agent Mission’ context menu
This menu will display any available missions that any of the player’s stationed agents can start
Ship units will now display a preview of the anchor area when first anchored
The Multiplayer Menu has been updated to match the button style of the Main Menu
Archetype tooltip text has been updated to display families that commonly produce characters with that Archetype
Clicking the selected player panel will now center the camera on that player’s capital (if it is visible)
If multiple units are occupying the same tile, players can now click the unit banner icons to swap between which unit is selected
For instance, if a warrior and worker are occupying the same tile, and the player clicks the warrior banner, the warrior will be selected. If the player then clicks the warrior banner again, the worker will be selected instead.
A few UI areas have received some font adjustments (style and size changes)
Tooltip text has been added to the pause/play button in Multiplayer games
Various tooltip entries have been improved
The following units have been updated with new attack, hit, death, and run SFX
Elite Javalineer
Elite Skirmisher
Elite Gaesata
New Events
Tutorial: The Caravan
This tutorial event explains how caravans work
Tutorial: Ambassador Missions
This tutorial event explains how the player can start Ambassador missions
Tutorial: Chancellor Missions
This tutorial event explains how the player can start Chancellor missions
Tutorial: Spymaster Missions
This tutorial event explains how the player can start Spymaster missions
Cured of their Demons
A member of your nation returns from being incubated
Age of Heroes
Your nation celebrates your military power with a triumphal march
Era of Exploration
Steady news of fascinating discoveries motivates your nation to explore more of the unknown
Reign by Whips and Chains
Your leader is plagued by nightmares of your nation’s slaves revolting and seizing your power
Reign of Carnality
You find yourself enjoying the displays that have become commonplace due to your debauched rule
Rule of Law
Your nation has prospered under your rule of law, and you are presented with the opportunity to reward some of your most dedicated courtiers
An event pop up has been added to announce the arrival of Courtiers
Rebels prefer to attack their own player at highest priority
AI attacks other players’ rebel units at a very low priority
Miscellaneous Changes
The Barbarian Invasion mod has received a few updates [Only available in Test Branch]
Tribe opinion now decreases by 1 per turn
The Heckler promotion has been removed from this mod
Diplomacy icons have been added to events with diplomacy state changes
Nation Shrines have been added to the ‘Unique’ section of the Nation Selection screen during game setup
The default difficulty level has been changed to ‘The Just’
Birth and Death years are now listed for all characters on the Inheritance screen
The ‘Restart Game’ option will now use a randomized seed
Opinion bars will now display even if there are no opinion modifiers
Current turn and previous turn notifications are now separate, and a toggle button has been added to view the previous turn’s notifications
Certain notifications will now flash until clicked (Unit attacked, unit killed)
Various landmark names have been updated
Various encyclopedia entries have been expanded
Bug Fixes
Fixed a crash that could occur on the Inheritance screen due to certain marriages
Fixed an issue where the law icon would flash when there were no laws to enact
Fixed an issue where duplicated header icons could appear in the top UI bar
Fixed an issue with tabbing between input fields in the Event Browser
Fixed some issues with the character action panel when it was opened from the Inheritance screen
Fixed an issue with unit movement pips on the unit action panel
Fixed an issue with General helptext on the selected unit panel
Fixed some null icons and text visibility issues in Multiplayer games when hovering over the ‘End Turn’ button
Fixed some issues with family tree lines remaining on the Inheritance screen after trees were collapsed
Fixed an issue where certain text elements weren’t showing up as links properly
Fixed some more issues related to the unit list updating
Fixed an issue where the Elite Gaesata unit’s weapon wouldn’t animate during attack animations
Fixed some issues with AI specialist costs
Fixed some issues where AI was retreating in instances it didn't need to
Fixed an issue where family head info was not immediately updating on the family panel
Fixed some issues with unit proportions in the combat preview window
Fixed some issues will coastal and hill tiles
Fixed some notification issues
Fixed some text wrapping issues
Fixed some assert errors within the encyclopedia
Fixed various event issues
Addressed some memory and performance issues - these are still actively being worked on and we appreciate your continued feedback!
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