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Last active January 19, 2022 22:05
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.57091 Test 01/12/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.57244 Release 1/19/2022
Tech Tree Updates:
Moved Cohorts to a later tech column
Moved Lateen Sail to an earlier tech column
Fiscal Policy now requires Lateen Sail
Merged Hydraulics and Torsion techs
Lateen Sail now requires Cartography
Military Prestige now requires Cohorts
Mills now boost Mines/Quarries/Lumbermills by +100%
Windlass now requires Scholarship
Increased Bonus from Hunt and Olympics projects
Tyranny now gives +8 gold/unit, and Constitution gives +4 gold/specialist
Added game option to allow for city razing
Added game option for allowing undo in Cloud / Hotseat games
Added game option to show if units will get a critical hit that turn
MP: Improved player start in FFA games
Ballista strength has increased from 5 to 6
Ship anchoring radius now only covers contiguous water tiles
Turn time extension (chess clock) system added to Network games
Improved performance on lowest/low/medium graphics settings
Improved load times on lower graphics settings
AI combat improvements, now makes use of flanking and adjacency bonuses
Added stars to unit bonuses to indicate unit effects that come from generals
Adjusted City Name UI to improve visability of nearby units
Adjustment to the Ruins animation effect
Minor improvements to usability of the event browser
New unit effect icons added
Improvements to the Encyclopedia
Game reloads for each player are tracked for Cloud games with Lock Save option
New Events:
Agent Bribe
Agent Caught
Agent Discovered
Agent Offer
Agent Secrets
By the Numbers
Bright Lights in a Dark World
By the Numbers
From One Ranger to Another
Look Upon My Armies and Despair
Protected by the People
Room for One More?
Sacred Coin
Sometimes the Gods Smile
The Thunder and the Silence
Through Thick and Thin
Wardens of the Wilds
Warrior Tradition
Wisdom of the Highland Clans
Various text and event fixes
Fixed issue where top of family tree can be cut off after a new row is added
Resolved issue with nested links on tech names
Fixed issues with succession
Addressed issue with distant raids
Promotions given during events now count towards ambitions/goals
PBC emails: Fixed formatting issue with resource shortfall. Launch Offensive notification only occurs if you've met the unit.
MP: Fixed issue where family territory was giving opponents units of that family a bonus when playing with the same nations
Fixed issue with mountains not always being mirorred properly in MP maps
Fixed issue with text pings not working without a remind turn set
Fixed issue with game not saving resolution settings on Mac
Fixed bug that stopped some sites from being made into minor cities. Owning land tiles adjacent to all urban tiles is now required to make a minor city.
Units on water no longer count for flanking
Fixed bug with surrendering from cloud games allowing continued access to the game
Fixes for some city specific achievements
Fixed the seed for character generation to provent undoing or restarting a turn generating a different character
Addressed issue with Kushite Cavalry model
Addressed issue with LTP3
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