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Last active June 17, 2021 13:55
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This week's update!
Test Branch: Old World Vesion 0.1.52132 Test 6/14/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.52320 Early Release 6/17/2021
The Carthage III scenario is now unlocked!
AI nations now become unhappy when the player steals city sites from them
It is now possible to embark away from enemy territory
Updates to help text
Hints have been added to the encyclopedia
Urban tiles built in captured cities are now built as the current nation's tile set.
Additional Family members added to Carthage
Cities now default to Discontent 0 when founded/captured
Legal Code now gives +10 Civics per Active Law
You can now press M to show Specialists and their yields
Steal Research missions can only be launched against players who are Competent or higher in Knowledge.
Lowered AI development levels per difficulty mode
The following units have received animation updates:
Worker and Scouts
Additional art updates:
Windmill base updated
Egypt Urban tiles
Assyrian City Center and urban tiles
Persian City Center and urban tiles
Walls, Moats and Towers Added
Horseman now has team color
Polybolos has team color
Disciples have team color
Additional lighting improvements
Longbowman team color adjustments
Improvements to water in baths and shrines
Game of the Week tooltip now shows what nation is part of the game
Theologies moved to left of opinion group on religion tab
Updated ui for tribe/barbarian outpost
Unit portraits added for female worker, scout and archer
Timeline menu now starts on year 1 if the game has been completed
Removed timer text for completed legacies on Victory Screen and goal helptext
Available wonders added to victory button tooltip
Placeholder credits screen has been added
Gifting buttons are now hidden if there are no valid gifting targets
Added slight delay to input on event buttons to prevent click-thru
Removed lobby screen for hotseat games
Updated tetsudo icon
Optimization for players when they are not automating units
Various improvements to AI
Various performance improvements
Improvements to music fades between transitions
Added sound effects for
Mission Start
Choose Council
Unlimbering onagers and mangonels
Updated Victory and Loss events
New events:
State Religion
Religious Teachings
Convert Self Before God
Fool of the Faith
Funding the Faith
All Things
Devotion to the Divine
Friends in Faith
Sharing the Blessing
First Temptation
Faith at Ransom
The Schism
Going for the Head
Division in the Faith
The Bias of Faith
Household Troubles
Death Stalks the Palace
Death Investigated
Doggy Diplomacy
Sic Temper Tyrannis
In Broad Daylight
Triumph and Victory
The Slave Trade
Party Time
Plotting for Lust
Parted by Death
The Cycle Continues
The Things We Do
Familial Revenge
Tortured Assassin
Missing the Mark
Courtier Defection
Influence Inflicted
Influence of Invasions
The Prophet's Rebuke
Inspired by the Coa’an
Inspired by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Inspired by the Adir Burzen Mihr
Inspired by the Temple of Solomon
Code Clarifications
Bountiful Harvest
Bug Fixes
Fixed bug where worker audio was not being properly positioned
fixed build recommendations not updating when cycling between workers
Various event fixes
Addressed issue where next unit counter was not updatin on barbarian camps
Player slot names are now the same for both host and additional players in network multiplayer
Map editor: fixed nation territory setting menu
fixed issue where "Living Relatives" label not hiding when not showing any relatives
Fixed to replay in non-network multiplayer
Fixed issue where AI was not placing characters as city agents
Kushite cavalry’s attack animation is now ranged
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