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Last active September 22, 2021 21:29
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.54896 Test 9/20/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.54952 Release 9/22/2021
Generals no longer get injuries while attacking
Professional Army law has been adjusted" +50% EXP for all units during combat, All Cities: +2 training per year.
Updated Rome's Nation bonus: +1 Fatigue Limit, All Cities: +2 Training per year
Opinion boost from gifting resource has been increased
One city challenge (OCC) city captures are now always razes
New map script with multiple continents has been added
Learn to Play 2 goal tooltip has been adjusted
Units remaining (camping) on city sites no longer has an orders cost
Game now shows archetype symbol instead of general star if archetype has relevant unit effect
Added scout icon to city widget if scout will return from establishing agent network
Map overlay order has been adjusted
Additional music tracks added to licensed tracks
Selected unit list now is a scrolling list
New Events:
Distribution of Power
Legacy of the Young
Legacy of the King
Legacy of the Old
Growing Rivalry
Rivals at War
Rivals in Peace
The Old Ways
The Legacy of Romulus
An Epic Legacy
Defined By War
The Next Generation
The Riches of Carthage
Promise to the People
Love of the Land
Trusted Council
An Age of War
Glory for Ahura Mazda
Behind the Throne
Wondrous Ambition
To the Pythia
The Pythia Speaks
Forming a Nation
The Other Path
Tales of Babylon
Friends and Allies
Family Complaints
True Successor
The Memory Endures
Fixed issue where terrain was not rendering on Mac for people with AMD graphics cards
Fixed issue where recapturing a city didn't default it back to the original family
Fixed instant movement when moving teammate's units
Fixed issue where cities captured by other players were displaying as "In Anarchy"
Game no longer displays caravan icon for defeated cities
Fixed bug with characters marked as safe dying
Fixed issue where tutoring events were cancelled when student became adult
Fixed road-to cursor not changing to invalid when hovering over mountains/volcanoes
Carthage IV: Fixed forts stopping movement for tribal allies and issue where pillaged forts affected movement
Fixed issue where too many events were occuring for the "minimal" event level setting
Addressed issues with some hotkeys
Various minor UI improvements
Various text improvements
Additional Fixes:
Possible fix for UI becoming unresponsive and misaligned in some cases
Fix for links on corner tooltips not working
Restored yield rates on resource bar when characters/cities selected
Fixed portrait gender mismatch for some character portraits
Fixed issue with nested links in tooltips
prompt for ModIO hidden when playing with mods
Fix for border expansion preview getting stuck after buying a tile
Memory leak fix
Fix for magenta Windmill
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