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Last active August 30, 2021 12:29
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.54320 Test 8/23/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.54352 Main 8/25/2021
Ambassador: Discipline now boosts Religion Opinion
Spymaster: Charisma now boosts Family Opinion
Hunters now have -10 opinion per hostile unit in their territory
Riders have -40 opinion if the leader marries a foreign spouse
Carthage now gets +10 Money/Turn per Connected City
The Lighthouse now gives +100% output to all Nets
Forts now enable healing to any unit standing on it
It is now possible to build improvements on hamlet tiles, replacing them.
Tactician Generals (if Leader) now gives -25% to Attack in addition to Stun
A warning has been added to event options that grant a character trait to a general whose unit already has the associated promotion
Teenagers can only be targeted by one courtier tutor mission, for a total of 2 tutor missions possible using a Scholar Leader.
Project civics costs have been adjusted
Reduced Legitimacy costs for Imprison missions
Added Very High AI Advantage
Time Victory Toggle has been added, it defaults to ON. When set to OFF the game no longer has a turn limit
Military units can take non move/attack actions during the other team's turn with Loose
Multiplayer: Diplomats boost Family/Religion Head opinions in games with no AI teams
Multiplayer: Ambassador Charisma boosts Family Opinion in games with no AI Teams
Opinion help now shows while opinion modifiers are zero.
Updated Scenario Menu
Cloud game host controls have been moved to separate a popup
Network overlay enables when hovering over add road button for a few seconds
AI will now establish theologies
Additional AI adjustments
Additional enhancments to performance
Arming Your Brothers
The Scroll and the Spear
Technological Tribute
The Debt of Science
A Plea for Knowledge
The Wisdom of Peace
Gifts of the Sea
The Lure of Knowledge
Food for Thought
Under the Table
In the Wrong Hands
The Stolen Scrolls
Influential Ideas
Sennacherib's Barter
Knowledge of Power
The Last Piece
Marriage Unbound
Kiss, Marry, Kill
Lover Confronted
Declaration of Love
Mythical Beasts
The Furies
Praise of the Two Lands
The Wild Hunters
Favored One
The Pretender
Mutual Benefit? (7 variations, one for each nation)
The Plot Thickens
Autonomous Vassal
Demand for Autonomy
Independent City
Reclaiming Control
Disinherit This!
Favored One
Fixed minimap restore button not showing properly
Fixed issue with Pygmalion's Father
Various text and hint adjustments
Fixed character yield rates not updating in certain conditions
Adjustments to turn styles and timers
Fixed context menu position for selected family actions
Popups and main menu button container to only scale with screen height
Fixed replay for games where players of the same team are not consecutive in the turn order
Fixed minor issue with tooltips on govenor column in City list menu
It is no longer remove other player's character from their council job
Greece urban tiles have been adjusted
Various opinion fixes
Additional Fixes since 1.0.54320:
Fixes possible exception when loading a save from a different map in-game
General Injury probability reduced from 10 -> 2%, adjustments to Player power/knowledge comparisons, abdicate/adopt tweaks
Licensed Music Updates
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Hello. After this update I cannot play game in resolution 5120x1440, because all tiles become very big and it's unplayable. I think that problem is situated after that fix: Popups and main menu button container to only scale with screen height. May you do this fix in the configuration menu, so that players can check it or uncheck it?

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