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Last active September 28, 2020 12:33
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.42743 Test (09/21/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.42828 Early Release (09/23/2020)
The Granary now grants +1 Growth
A new trait has been added: Carpenter
Leaders with this trait grant +50 XP to new Siege and Ship units
Governors with this trait grant +100 XP to new Siege and Ship units
Tribes must now have a Pleased opinion of the player to accept Peace Offers
The Ambition memory boost for Families now occurs when completing the Ambition
Traits that affect Governors (Affable, for example) now affect the entire nation if the Leader has those traits
Heirs and their spouses now affect opinions more
Asking a Nation/Tribe to Declare War now requires Pleased or higher opinion
Courtiers now give passive rating bonuses (Science from Wisdom, etc), just like the Leader and Heirs do
The following improvement/wonder models have been updated
Barbarian/Tribal hovels
Ancient Ruins
The Oracle
The following units have been updated with new animations
Some tutorial events have been updated to include a short video that explains different game mechanics
Orders, Spearman, Onager, Axeman
A visual effect will now play when a unit is promoted or upgraded
Various units have been updated with team color textures for Multiplayer gameplay
Unit icon shapes have been updated
Unit icons will now display an indicator when a promotion is available
Council icons will now play a glowing effect when a candidate can be assigned
Specialist widgets have been updated
Rush production buttons in the City Screen are now faded when disabled
The Choose Research popup now opens after closing the Tech Deck screen if no research is active
The top UI menu has received some spacing and polish updates
The city queue tab has received some polish updates
Various help text entries have been improved
The Nomad Skirmisher unit has been updated with the following audio effects
Walk, Run, Hit, Attack
The Slinger unit’s hit audio effects have been updated
New Events
Unable to contain their fury, another tribe has launched an invasion of your borderlands
This event can start an event chain
The Dancing Ass
The heir’s ridiculous fool dances for your table as you dine one evening
This event can start an event chain
Days after their marriage, someone from your nation visits you privately to discuss their discontent with their new partner
Uninvited Guest
You prepare to meet with another ruler to review diplomatic ties and discover that your heir has invited themself to the meeting
Violent Altercation
A heated debate in the streets of a city explodes into a physical altercation
Dishonor our Ancestors
You are confronted about your rule in front of your entire inner circle
Walk Away
The loss of a city has dealt a harsh blow to your nation’s military pride and morale
On the Edge
Spies report the death of a tribal leader has left the tribe in disarray, urging you that now is the strike
A Holy State
The rise of a religion has inspired many in the court to question your nation’s lack of a state religion
Bleeding for [Nation]
You find your Chancellor lamenting the cost a family is paying to protect the nation
Council Swap
Your heir corners you and demands a position on the nation’s council
Your scouts find a ruined fortification still filled with spoils, and another family intervenes
Rogue Nation
Waves of unhappy citizens arrive in one of your cities, searching for a better life and informing you of the governor’s actions in the city they recently left
You ponder the urge to forgo all meats and drink
You ponder the urge to forgo all fruits and vegetables
You find that court life has been making you weary and you wish to host luxurious parties
You decide that the court spends too much time competing for your favor when they should be working for the common people
The AI will now ask other AI and Tribes to Declare War on you (Aggressive and Competitive levels only)
Miscellaneous Changes
Support has been added for Fullscreen, Fullscreen Window (Borderless) and Window modes
The cursor will no longer clamp to the screen edge
Play By Cloud games will now appear in the Main Menu along with active network games
Play By Cloud games will now show the active player
Players will now receive a confirmation popup when deleting Play By Cloud saves
Play By Cloud is available on the Test Branch
The Mod Manager screen now handles the time between uploading and confirmation better
Screen action is now blocked while uploading a mod to
Completed games are now saved in a separate ‘Complete’ subfolder within the Saves directory
Currently this only saves completed games where the player achieved victory
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where cleared notifications would reappear if the player received a new notification from the same category as the cleared notifications
Fixed an issue where character names were not appearing in turn notifications correctly
Fixed some text links that weren’t working on unit action buttons
Fixed an issue where the unit promote action button wasn’t correctly highlighting when a promotion was available
Fixed an issue where the starting settler unit would display an incorrect health bar and icon colors after undoing the founding of the capital city
Fixed an issue where timeline entries weren’t properly displaying hover text
Fixed some tech deck tooltip placement issues
Fixed an issue where the Pick Later option wasn’t allowing players to pick their nation first once the game started
Fixed some clipping issues with the combat preview camera
Fixed an issue where choose character popups weren’t showing a selection effect when hovering over candidates
Fixed an issue where Play By Cloud game set up was incorrectly requiring an Epic username for AI players
Fixed an issue where loaded mods were not persisting across sessions
Fixed an issue with unit animations in the combat preview window
Fixed an issue where the ambition link on the HUD did not correctly list tooltip text
Fixed some turn text formatting issues with Multiplayer
Fixed an issue where the Ambitions HUD was visible in No Characters games
Fixed some issues that would cause the cursor to flicker in certain areas of the game screen
Fixed an issue where the barbarian widget upgrade timer would occasionally sink into the terrain
Fixed an issue where recommended information from the city screen was staying active after the city screen was closed
Fixed an issue with Choose Governor costs (This action now properly requires an Order in addition to 100 Civics cost as it did previously)
Fixed various event issues
Fixed some tooltip formatting issues
Fixed some null reference errors
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Just purchased OW. Seems like there's a lot of potential here. Look forward to seeing the product grow and prosper much like where we reside. Should be a rewarding journey for all concerned. Good luck! A hui hou from The Sandwich Islands.

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