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Last active May 19, 2022 07:04
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Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.60410 Release 05/18/2022
Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.60494 Test 05/18/2022
Base Game:
Trading Cards have been added to the game
Steam Workshop support added in addition to
Heroes of the Aegean DLC:
New achievements have been added!
Greek Campaign Heroes of the Aegean is now available with six all-new scenarios
Prologue: Battle of Marthon
On Land And Sea: Defeat King Xerex I in a series of 3 famous battles
Rise of Macedon: as Phillip II use diplomacy and warfare to unify Greece
Queen Olympias: An event focused scenario following Phillip II's assasination. Take on the role of Olympias and use diplomacy and intrigue to keep your nation unified and support Alexander in his war.
Megas Basileus: You are Alexander, lead your generals to victory over Persia.
Diodochi: Choose one of the 4 Diadochi and try to unify the empire after the death of Alexander
Nation of Hatti has been unlocked:
Hatti have been added to World Maps
Play as Hattusili the Warlike Judge who has named his grandson Mursuli heir
Nation: All Cities recieve +2 civics per turn, All units can remove vegetation and ignore hill movement costs
Starting Techs: Ironworking, Husbandry, Administration
Shrines: Shrine of Tarhun (war), Shrine of Arinnitti (hearth), Shrine of Kamrusepa (healing), Shrine of Halki (hunting)
Families: Kussaran Riders, Nenassan Landowners, Zalupwan Patrons, Hattusan Traders
Unique Unit: Heavy Chariot, Three Man Chariot - Melee, Horse Mount with Rout and Circle, ignores ZOC
New Hittite events
New character portraits
Known Issues:
Mac Steam: Game currently does not support Macs using M1 graphics chips
------ Test Branch -----
Localization is currently only available in the test branch and can be selected from the options menu at any time.
Available languages are: Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Russian
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