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Created June 15, 2020 19:50
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The Cogwheel technology has been renamed to Chain Drive
The Windlass technology now gives a bonus tech card
The Bonus Card associated with Windlass is a Free Crossbowman
Elephant units no longer have a bonus against mounted units
Elephant units now have the Panic ability
The Panic ability causes targets to retreat after combat
Units with a Schemer general will now lose stealth after attacking
Units now receive a -50% combat modifier if they are fighting against rebel units from the same family
Urban tiles can no longer be purchased via the Colonization Law
The number of harbors a city can build is now limited to a max of 1 per culture level
You can now build a max of 2 Cathedrals per family
Culture steps before Legendary have been removed
Culture progression was the following: Weak, Developing I, Developing II, Strong I, Strong II, Strong III. Legendary
Culture progression is now: Weak, Developing, Strong, Legendary
Culture levels now give science boosts
Competitive AI now ignores positive opinion if the player is close to winning
The Ishtar Gate now grants +100 Culture to each city instead of +1 Culture Level
An Alt Tech Tree Mod setting has been added to the Advanced Setup tab in the Single Player set up screen
This option will enable an alternate version of the tech tree
Scouts can now become Agents in rival cities if you have a Spymaster
You can spend 200 Gold to make a scout an agent
Making a scout an agent in a rival city reveals that city’s territory
A new project has been added: Salt Production
This project yields -2 Money and -0.2 Orders per year, and boosts growth by 10% and food by 20%
This project can only be obtained via the Great Potential event
Players can now send luxuries to Tribes via the Empires menu
The Inspired trait has been removed
The Inspiring trait has been updated
Governor’s with this trait now grant +2 Culture per Culture Level of the city they are governing
The leader portrait for Ashurbanipal has been updated
Some death events have been updated with new art
The Mangonel unit has been updated with a new model
The Ballista and Siege Tower units has been updated with various animations
Attack, Combat idle, Death, Hit, Idle, and Run
The following resources have received updated idle and graze animations:
The following unit icons have been updated:
Siege Tower
Barbarian Marauder
The following improvement icons have been updated:
Cold Baths
Heated Baths
The following law icons have been updated:
Coin Debasement
The following vegetation icons have been updated:
Trees (Cut)
Scrub (Cut)
A minimize button has been added to event pop ups
The unit widget has been updated to make the first promotion chevron more visible
Some small changes have been made to unit/decision cycling
Pressing SPACE will now center the camera on the currently selected unit if it is not on screen
Pressing SPACE again will then set that unit to ‘Pass’ for the current turn and cycle to the next unit (or decision, if all units have been managed for that turn)
The font size for the file path and save name fields in the file browser has been increased
This change was made to fix an issue where those fields appeared blurry
New Events
All that Glitters
You must decide how to use a surplus of resources after discovering a cache of gold
Caught in the Act
One of your scouts was caught stealing from a wagon of recently discovered silver and you must decide his punishment
Marvelous Specimens
Your scouts discover some interesting specimens deep in an ore deposit
Ritual Scent
A religious group requests an entire crop of recently harvested incense, but citizens from one of your cities wish to use it as well
Your scouts explore a newly discovered gem deposit, and come across a group from another nation that is also interested in the vein
High Spirits
Your scouts discover a wandering scholar while exploring a field of grape vines
Camel Bite
One of your scouts is bitten while attempting to corral a caravan of camels
Tough Game
You discover some game in the area and find some practical purposes its meat can be used for when boiled and treated
Wild Horses
Some recently discovered horses reach your city and you must decide how to use them
Corner the Market
The style of some recently discovered marble has done well in local markets, and noble families wish to raise prices to corner the market
Luxury or Utility
A recent acquisition of fine furs has interested your spouse, but members of your court wish to use it to outfit soldiers who face harsh conditions
Pig in the Palace
A group of pigs was recently brought to one of your cities, and one of them manages to get inside your palace
Helping Hands
Your scouts return with some wheat harvested from a nearby countryside, along with a group of nomad farmers who have unique knowledge of the grain
Olive Oil
A supply of fresh olive oil has been produced from recently harvested olives, and would make a good gift for nations that have developed an affinity for the oil
Sorghum Seeds
Your scouts return with pouches of sorghum seeds and you must decide how to use these resources
Young Shepherd
As your scout herds the recently discovered sheep, he discovers a young tribal child tending to the flock
Pearl Divers
Your scouts discover a group of experienced pearl divers off the coast, and two of your families have expressed interest in obtaining more pearls
Rescue at Sea
Your scout is rescued by local fisherman after capsizing his boat
Beast of Burden
One of the elephants in a newly discovered herd appears to be domesticated
Great Potential
Scientists and merchants discover that a recent salt harvest could potentially be used for a large-scale salt production project
Citrus Remedy
Scientists claim that eating citrus fruit can help combat the withering effects of a long sea voyage
AI Scouts know to search for city sites based on revealed urban tiles
AI slightly more aggressive with wounded units
AI no longer starts with half-built Settler
AI worker improvements
AI gets some specialists and fewer improvements to start
AI more likely to build ships
AI builds more roads
Miscellaneous AI improvements
Miscellaneous Changes
Added Arabic fallback font
More Hardcoded strings have been moved to xmls
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the choose governor decision and the city governor selection choices would display different lists
Fixed an issue where dismissed notifications would reappear on new turns or when new notifications of different types appeared
Fixed an issue where the double deathblow animation would player when defeating units that only had one defender
Fixed an issue where hovering over the edge of a suggested improvement icon with a worker selected would cause the expanded tooltip to flicker
Fixed an issue where help text in the choose governor/general buttons was not working as expected
Fixed an issue where units were not able to attack rival cities if the cursor was over the city widget
Fixed an issue with the hover tooltip for the culture icon on the city widget
Fixed an issue with AI trying to place units on barracks in captured cities
Fixed an issue where the main menu banner wouldn’t stretch to fit certain resolutions
Fixed an issue where event audio would play every time an event was opened. Event audio should now only play the first time an event is opened
Fixed an issue where the cursor was not locked to the game window in full screen mode
Fixed an issue where one of the loading screen hints listed the wrong hot key for ending a turn
Fixed an issue where menu options did not work correctly with a translation mod active
Fixed an issue where the language dropdown would highlight the incorrect option with multiple user-translation mods
Fixed an issue with non-latin characters on menu buttons preventing clicks
Fixed an issue with switching translation mid-game
Fixed various event issues
Memory and Performance issues are actively being worked on – we appreciate your feedback
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