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Last active June 3, 2021 14:00
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.51416 Test (05/31/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.51569 Early Release (6/3/2021)
It is now possible to become wounded/severely wounded through events
Characters no longer gain random traits that invalidate their existing one
Adjustments to diplomacy
No distant raids if tribe level is set to none
The second Carthage Scenario: Influence and Riches, has been unlocked!
The following units have received animation updates:
Catapract Archer
Scale adjustments to buildings
Updates to naval combat visual effects
Nation characters now appear in the encyclopedia
The legitimacy panel is now hidden in games with “no characters” enabled
Reversed pause/play symbols
Updated icon for automation
Added teamcolor the nation icon in city gifting panel
Added role icons to selected character panel
Added archetype icon to city governor portraits
Added religion icon to leader panel
Improvements to unit automation
Scouts no longer explore into danger
General improvements to nation ai
Music Player has been added to options menu
Add animation audio to Polybolos
Add animation audio to Chariot
Add animation audio to Caravan
Added and adjusted audio for Dromon, Triereme, Bireme
New events:
Monsters of the Deep
Druids of the Forest
Zoroastrian Holy Site completed
Manichean Holy Site Completed
Jewish Holy Site Completed
Christian Holy Site Completed
Royal Pilgrimage
Pilgrimage to the Holy City
Exploring the Wonders of the World
A Time of War
Disputing Teachers
The Art of Governace
Babylonian Literature
Pincer Attack
On Wealth
Paying for Power
Roman Education
Moral Training
Immoral Music
Watching the Masters
The Ideal Queen
Lion Hunt Training
Technical Lore
Dire Warning
Number Lists
Esoteric Arts
The Eduba
Study of the Stars
Military Diplomacy
The Curse of Agade
True Nature
Royal Hymns
Sexagesimal Numbers
The Agoge
Gymnasium Training
Double Arguments
Wisdom Texts
The Immortality of Writers
Persian Education
Grain and Wine
Prince of Hindustan
Druidic Divinations
Sporting Chances
Arctic Wastes
Fishermen of the Western Sea
Age of Learning
Age of Wonders
Era of Corruption
Age of Literacy
Age of Piety
Era of Holy Wars
Bug Fixes:
Addressed issue where workers were unable to upgrade buildings
Pasture resources adjusted so they no longer clip the fencing
Bug addressed when capturing a city
Fixed issue where upkeep text was missing on laws screen
Fixed mission caravan mission notification
Issue with pastures causing problems with Carthage scenarios
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