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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.45421 Test (12/15/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.45462 Early Release (12/17/2020)
Ancient Ruins now leave behind urban tiles after being explored
The Via Recta Souk now unlocks caravans in the city it is built in
Tactician and Hero Leader General abilities have been swapped
Tactician General (If Leader:) Can launch offensive
Hero General (If Leader:) Stuns target
Leaders with the Judge archetype can now store 10 Orders between turns
Leaders with the Orator archetype now get a +40 opinion bonus with all families
Units with the ‘Herbalist’ promotion now heal +5 HP when healed
Players now have 20 turns to complete Legacy Ambitions
The Infiltrate mission now costs 400 Money and 2 Orders to start
All mounted units now get a 50% bonus against Siege units in melee combat
Crossbows, Polybolos and Ballistas are now considered 1-tile ranged units
The following unit models and icons have been updated
Zoroastrian Disciple
Jewish Disciple
The following improvement models have been updated
Wine Grove
The barbarian/tribal hovel has received some updates
The Hoplite unit has been updated with new animations
Lakes and Coastal tiles have received some updates
These changes are still a WIP and will continue to receive updates
Units will now display a healing effect when healed
More Babylonian teen portraits have been added
More bonus tech cards have been updated
Polished some more character portraits
The City screen UI has received a few updates
Citizens (Growth), Culture, and Discontent yields are now displayed with progress bars
The number of projects is displayed below these bars, hovering over this area will produce help text with more information about the projects
Governor selection has been moved to the right side of these progress bars
The city widget is now displayed near the top of the screen, and resource gain/loss widget shapes have been updated
Arrow buttons to cycle through cities have been moved to either side of the close button, located near the bottom of the screen
The Court tab has been removed
The Characters tab has been updated with a Court sorting filter
The Inheritance law preview has been moved to the top left corner of the Inheritance screen
The Empires tab has been changed to display Rival Leaders’ Archetypes in the corner of their portraits
The Characters tab has been changed to display the nation of foreign characters in the corner of their portraits
Opinion ratings shown on the Family and Empires tabs have been updated to include a meter that shows their current opinion level
The Religion menu button will now flash when a state religion can be adopted
The Main Menu now features a ‘Resume’ option that will load the Single Player game that was last saved game
The Year/Turn display is now displayed as “Year X / 200”
Unit information panels have been improved
Unit level bars now display text showing the unit’s level and XP earned
Job list sorting has been improved
Various help text areas have been improved
Unit select sounds have been added for the following units
Nomad Skirmisher
Elite Skirmisher
Elite Nomad Skirmisher
Nomad Warlord
Elite Warlord
Elite Nomad Warlord
Elite Peltast
A generic unit select sound has been added for units without a custom select sound
The Warrior idle animation has been updated with new SFX
The Slinger attack animation has been updated with new projectile impact SFX
The Crabs resource has been updated with new SFX
New Events
The Ebbing Spring
You have defeated a tribe and must decide how to honor their legacy
Final Surge
Your soldiers encounter some resistance while razing the last known settlement of a Tribe
Fatal Oversight
Your recent battles against a rival Tribe lead to some unintended consequences
In Their Place
After defeating a tribe, the head of one of your families suggests putting the survivors in their place
Your family wishes to wage war on another nation over their law choices
Religion Spread events have been added for the following Shrines
Underworld [Ereshkigal/Osiris/Hades]
Healing [Eshmun/Isis]
Kingship [Ashur/Marduk/Zeus]
Hearth [Tanit/Vesta]
Hunting [Neith/Mithra]
Various study events involving your students being inspired by Wonders your nation has built have been added
Improved AI family selection for new cities
AI knows to build roads to hamlets and markets if they are not on the trade network already
AI is now less likely to declare war on you if you are at war with the same enemy
AI development has been slightly reduced at higher levels
Miscellaneous Changes
Queued worker actions now produce a turn notification informing players when money is spent to by resources
The Game of the Week no longer saves settings as default for the next game
Headless server connections are now password protected
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where loading a game saved with a different turn scale was not working
Fixed an issue where settings chosen in Simple Setup weren’t being retained when switching to Advanced Setup
Fixed an issue where the ‘+’ button was still present on improvements that already held a max level Specialist
Fixed an issue where the Start Game button wasn’t disabled in certain instances
Fixed an issue where the Agent icon didn’t appear correctly in the Characters tab
Fixed an issue where certain conditions could result in decision popups being closed without player interaction
Fixed an issue where units looking at certain environmental elements could result in graphical issues in the combat preview window
Fixed some issues with the Governor button within the City screen
Fixed an issue where the Event Browser could generate incorrectly aged portraits for characters when previewing events
Fixed an issue where Trade Network and Trade Route help text entries were swapped in the Encyclopedia
Fixed an issue where character actions were sorting behind the family tree on the Inheritance screen
Fixed an issue where converted units were not properly retaining their cooldown
Fixed an expectation that could occur when generating a Disjunction map with 3+ teams
Fixed an issue where some relationship panels were not updating when opinion modifiers changed
Fixed a text issue within the Tactician encyclopedia entry
Fixed an issue where unit tooltips could overlap with the minimap
Fixed some movement queue issues
Fixed some popup priority issues
Fixed some null reference errors
Fixed various event issues
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