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Last active April 29, 2021 00:55
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.49981 Test (04/27/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.49981 Early Release (04/28/2021)
A new mission is available: Hold Court
This mission is unlocked via the Scholarship Technology
This mission has a 75% chance of holding court (Rewards the player 60 Civics) and a 25% chance of resulting in a ‘Hold Court’ event
This mission is started via the Leader of your Nation, your Leader gains +20 XP upon completing the mission
This mission costs 200 Training and 2 Orders to start, and takes 2 turns to complete
Some technology changes have been made
The Ramparts Technology has been removed
The ‘Walls’ project is now unlocked via the Polis Technology
Forts are now unlocked via the Stonecutting Technology
The Free Archer bonus technology card is now unlocked via the Composite Bow technology
The Composite Bow Technology now requires Military Drill (Previously required Polis)
The Portcullis technology now requires Drama (Previously required Polis)
The Zealot archetype has received some changes
Zealot General: Cannot die with more than 1 HP
Zealot General (if Leader:) +5% chance to capture enemy unit with a fatal blow
The Orator Archetype now grants +40 to all Religion Opinions (Previously granted +40 to all Family Opinions)
The ‘Leave Religion’ mission now costs 2 Orders
Various negative cognomens have been added
Rebalanced some character opinion ratings
The model and icon for The Cao’an improvement has been updated
The following units have been updated with new animations
Nomad Warlord
Light Chariot
Babylon’s Capital and urban tiles have received various art updates and improvements
Pillaged improvements have been updated with new FX
Particle effects have been added to various areas
Particle effects are now shown when choosing technologies to research
Particle effects are now shown on the Technology actively being researched when viewing the Technology Tree
Particle effects are now shown when new turn notifications appear
Particle effects are now shown when adding new projects to a city’s build queue
City Widgets have received some improvements
City Widgets now display different crest shapes for the various families
The crown featured on the Capital’s City Widget is now displayed over the family crest
Worker Filter options have received some improvements
The ‘Show Culture Improvements’ filter option has been changed to ‘Show All Improvements’
The ‘Show Rural Improvements’ and ‘Show Urban Improvements’ filter options will now only display improvements that the player has unlocked
Worker actions (Build road, chop trees, etc) will now only appear in the ‘Show Improvements and basic actions’ filter option
A border preview is now shown when building improvements that expand borders, and when training specialists that will result in border expansion
Build improvement previews now display adjacent tile bonuses
The Orders Buy/Sell widget now opens when clicking the Order area next to the Leader portrait (This previously used to open when hovering over the Order area)
The current year is now included in the title of the Timeline screen
Cooldown icons are now located in the bottom right corner of the unit selection panel
Victory and Loss text is now larger and displays a glow effect
Various tooltip entries have been updated and improved
Unit healing SFX has been updated
Various projectile audio effects have been improved
New Events
Family of the Dead
One of your Generals falls in battle, and their family asks that you honor them for their sacrifice
Captured and Wounded
Your General is injured and subsequently captured during battle
Enemy General Killed
Your troops defeat an enemy General
Barracks Heir
Your troops proclaim that an inspiring soldier is the true heir to the throne
Unyielding General
No matter what they are faced with, your General and their troops refuse to give ground
A Hero Marches
One of your soldiers is already known as a hero, but further legends are starting to spread
Legend of the Sword
Your troops are victorious, but some wonder if it is the strength of the wielder or the sword that lead them to victory
Flanking Maneuver
Your general discovers a route that could give you an edge in battle, but the path is treacherous
The Cost of Pride
Your troops have routed the enemy, but was the cost worth it?
The Cost of Cowardice
As the battle begins, your troop’s leader is nowhere to be seen
Eye of the Storm
The night before battle, your General meets with the opposing General and manages to secure terms for a truce
Engineer Siege
An engineer from your nation asks to lead a reconnaissance mission into a rival city
Inspired Troops
A member of your nation’s inspiring words rouse your armies to go above and beyond
Infamous General
The villainous way of a member of your nation are becoming known far and wide
The Exile Army
An exiled member of your nation has used every ounce of their sway and resources to raise a force of rebels
The Pretender
An exiled member of your nation turns to a rival nation for support
The Traitor
An exiled member of your nation manages to avoid your agents until they resurface in the most unlikely of places
Plea for Forgiveness
You receive a message from an exiled member of your nation
Wounded in the Attempt
A captured member of your nation manages to escape their captors, but at a price
Free for a Favor
A member of your nation offers to secure the release of a captured courtier to repay a favor they owe you
The Missing
A missing member of your nation is found barely clinging to life
Tutorial: Angry [Family]
The tutorial event explains the various families and how to keep them happy
The Import and Export Business
One of your family heads meets with you to discuss expanding imports and exports
The Fall of [Nation]
A rival nation has fallen
Triumph over [Nation]
Your nation celebrates the defeat of a rival nation
The Final Favor
You are approached about a debt owed to you
Clearing [His/Her] Debt
A member of your nation wishes to repay the debt they owe you
The Seer’s Teachings
An impressive tutor is brought to your attention
The Pagan Colleges
A member of your nation seems more pensive than usual lately
AI behavior regarding Tribal Camps and City Sites has been updated
AI will try to claim nearby barbarian camps (Previous early game restrictions regarding these camps have been removed)
Restrictions still apply to empty city sites closer to the player, the AI will leave these alone for a varied amount of time (Depends on whether ‘Play to Win’ is enabled or not)
AI knows to use Rally Troops and Hold Court missions when in need of training or civics, respectively
Improved worker AI
Various AI exploration improvements have been added
Miscellaneous Changes
Barbarian Horde Scenario
The Ambassador role has been removed from the Barbarian Horde scenario
Workers can now be upgraded to Militia units
The scenario’s intro and rules text has been updated to reflect these changes
The ‘Unpredictable’ uprising time option has been renamed to ‘Random’
A ‘Show single units’ option has been added to the Graphics tab of the Options menu
This setting will display a single unit formation for all applicable units
Worker build recommendations have been improved
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue on the Mac Test Branch where resources were failing to load and causing a crash
Fixed a mod version error that would occur when trying to play the Barbarian Horde scenario in Network MP games
Fixed an issue where tile recommendations were not appearing correctly for Disciples
Fixed a few health bar display issues
Fixed an issue where family values were appearing in the City Screen in no character games
Fixed some values that could overlap in the unit selection panel
Fixed an issue where hover text was not appearing for leader portraits on the Timeline screen
Fixed some issues that could occur with some river variations
Fixed a mirror map issue
Fixed some display issues caused by long technology names
Fixed some cycler issues that could occur when events were triggered in the middle of a turn
Fixed an issue where enacting a new law would not update yields on the resource bar
Fixed some rotation issues with Rome and Babylon urban tiles
Fixed a help text issue within the Technology tree
Fixed an issue with how the Light Chariot unit was displayed in the combat preview window
Fixed an issue where Characters with original leader names (Philip, Dido, etc.) used the original leader’s portraits
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when opening the city screen
Fixed an issue where AI was sometimes abdicating in favor a child ruler
Fixed some appearance issues the could occur on the choose research popup
Fixed a terrain positioner issue with the windmill improvement
Fixed an issue where the glow effect was not playing on Victory/Defeat text properly
Fixed an issue where some settings updates weren’t properly saved in certain circumstances
Fixed tribal marriages being available in the Barbarian Horde scenario via events
Fixed an issue where the Barbarian Horde size was sometimes incorrect when using the random uprising time setting
Fixed some issues with worker filter options
Fixed a UI and AI issue with adjacent tile yield outputs
Fixed some improvement rotation issues
Fixed some unit banner issues that could occur when units were damaged
Fixed some AI danger evaluation issues
Fixed an issue where AI players had families in No Characters games
Fixed some AI issues with council members and family opinion
Fixed unit banner issues caused by using undo with stacked units
Fixed some UI elements not being properly hidden on the Tech tree
Fixed some river shader issues
Fixed some scenario screen issues
Fixed other various help text issues
Addressed various performance issues related to improvements, we appreciate your feedback as we continue to improve performance!
Fixed some more character opinion issues
Fixed various event issues
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