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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.43923 Test (10/27/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.43961 (10/28/2020)
Each Legendary Culture step is now worth an additional Victory Point
For example, raising a city’s culture from Legendary I to Legendary II will result in that city being worth an additional Victory Point
Characters now have their own Religions
Once characters become adults, there is a small chance each year that they will pick a religion to follow
This choice is influenced by the presence of Religion in their family cities (Or Tribal settlements, for Tribal characters)
Families and Tribes will now choose a Religion based on a majority of their characters’ religion choices
Influence Missions now cost 200 Money to start (in addition to the order cost)
Markets now give +10 Money if built on a Trade Network
Hamlet now give +5 Money if built on a Trade Network
Holy Cities now give +1 Civics
Religious Holy Sites are now worth 2 Victory Points
A captured city’s culture level will now reset to Weak once the Anarchy period is over and the capturing nation takes control of the city
Being the first to discover a Landmark will now reward the player +2 Legitimacy
Additionally, players now have the option to rename a Landmark to a name of their choice if they are the first to discover it
Non-combat units that are shielded by military units will no longer take damage
New ambitions have been added
Have X Generals
Have X Governors
The Musaeum model and icon have been updated
The following units have been updated to fire the appropriate projectiles when attacking, rather than placeholder ones
Slinger (Now throws rocks when attacking)
Archer (Now fires arrows when attacking)
The following units have been updated with new animations
Libyan Cavalry
Elite Skirmisher
The following icons have been updated
Horseman (Unit icon)
Free Horseman (Technology card icon)
The Show Orders Cost toggle has been reimplemented
Turning this toggle on will display the order cost for each move, rather than the orders remaining after each move
Unimproved tile tooltips inside player territory have been updated to always list a recommended improvement
Family Crests for Rival leaders now appear in the corner of their character icon in the Empires tab
The Multiplayer Join screen will no longer list Player slots that are already occupied
Additionally, the join screen will now update to remove any slots that are taken by other players before a selection is made - this should prevent instances of the player joining a slot and then being returned to the main menu due to the slot already being claimed
Next turn technology research progress has been added to the technology icon present for teammates in MP modes
Pitboss games in the Main Menu are now greyed out if it is not the current player’s turn or if the player is not on the proper version
New Events
Too Much Attention
After receiving numerous messages from your servants, a member of your nation agrees to meet with you and discuss your ailing relationship
A Deadly Request
A member of your nation invites you to their estate after your attempts to influence them bear fruit
A Warm Bed
Your estranged spouse seeks an audience with you
Surprise Benefactor
A member of your nation responds favorably to your attempts to dispel the animosity between you
Abuse and Ridicule
Your attempts to influence a member of your nation appear to fall on deaf ears until you receive some news
After attempting to influence a member of your nation, they arrive at court to express their disappointment with your behavior
Spy vs. Spy
Your agents encounter some resistance from a rival nation’s spy network
This event can start an event chain
Your spymaster requests a private audience to share some unexpected news with you
The [Tribe] Unleashed
A tribe demands an audience with you after they capture some of your agents
Local Authority
Agents seek your aid after their plot to win over a member of a rival nation is met with fierce resistance
Woodcutting Tribe
The emissary of a tribe arrives with a gift of wood in hopes of establishing peaceful relations
Stonemason Tribe
The emissary of a tribe arrives with a gift of stone to show their desire for peace
Iron Tribe
A delegation from a tribe arrives with an introductory gift of iron
Gold Tribe
A tribe arrives to present you with a gift of money
Once Great Tribe
An emissary of a tribe arrives to establish relations with your nation
Duel of Monarchs
After your recent victories on the battlefield, you receive a challenge from the leader of a rival nation
This event can start an event chain
An Assignment
Your child receives an assignment to write a letter home while studying at the academy
This event can vary based on your child’s opinion of you
His/Her Father’s/Mother’s Disposition
Representatives from the academy arrive with news regarding your child
This event can vary based on the stats of your leader and their children
Inappropriate Faith [CC]
A family representative comes before the court to discuss religion with you
An Unusual Chancellor [CC]
Some nobles express concerns over the vacant Chancellor position on the council
Heavenly Mechanism [CC]
A scientist comes before the court to explain a device they have designed
Code of Laws [CC]
After construction of a courthouse is complete, you must decide how to appoint your judges
Legal Dispute [CC]
A recent court case has turned into a major dispute
Aspiring General [CC]
One of your soldiers expresses interest in leading the troops into battle one day
This event can start an event chain
Popular Board Game [CC]
A new board game becomes popular in one of your cities
Unwelcome Meeting [CC]
You receive some concerning news regarding your agents
Naive Ambassador [CC]
Your ambassador displays an inability to grasp diplomacy
Ruthless Slaughter [CC]
Your troops prevail in battle, but the scene and circumstances are grim
Professional and Proficient [CC]
Your general ruminates on the differences between an army of professionals and an army of conscripts
Fifth Column [CC]
You receive news that one of your families is helping a rival nation undermine your rule
Centers of Learning [CC]
The library in one of your cities becomes an important center of learning for the religious community
Judicial Overreach [CC]
A trader from a rival nation is caught stealing and receives a punishment that isn’t proportionate to the crime
Interfaith Dialogue [CC]
Followers of two different religions have been developing friendly relations in one of your cities
Religious Uprising [CC]
Religious followers express that they are unhappy with another religion being the state religion
Killed in Cold Water [CC]
A city is stunned by an apparent murder that was committed in the city’s baths
This event can start an event chain
Lost in Translation [CC]
Two nations ask you to mediate a contract dispute
Day of the Dupes [CC]
Tensions rise and force you to choose between your parent and your minister
Harem Conspiracy [CC]
You discover a conspiracy brooding in the palace
This event can start an event chain
A Green Dedication [CC]
A new grove is completed in one of your cities and dedicated to you
Culinary Diplomacy [CC]
Your Ambassador discovers an opportunity to improve relations with another nation
Golden Gifts [CC]
Your spouse surprises you with an assortment of beautiful gifts
Personal Invitation [CC]
As a city prepares to hold a major celebration, you are invited to lead one of the events
Victory for the King/Queen [CC]
After a recent victory, you general gives a speech to their soldiers, dedicating the victory to you
Off to the Races [CC]
Your newly trained unit plans to practice at the Circus Maximus before heading into battle
Heretic Spouse [CC]
Your strained relationship with your spouse grows more tense after they make several public statements to provoke you
Antichrist [CC]
Word reaches you that a family in your nation has started daily prayers with the intent to denounce the leader of a rival nation and claim they are the Antichrist
Sign of Aten [CC]
You feel that something has changed about how the Gods looks at you and your people
This event can start an event chain
Purim [CC]
Citizens are outraged by the religious practices of another Religion
Bloodshed Among the Righteous [CC]
You receive news that religious followers are pained by your war with another nation
Blessings for the Heir [CC]
A Religious followers offers to publicly bless your heir and asks if there’s anything else they can do
Coming of Age [CC]
You wish to throw a bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah for your heir
[Religion] Mercenaries [CC]
A group of grizzled soldiers approaches one of your outposts, offering their allegiance
Insolent General [CC]
Your general leads your forces to victory and all but demands public recognition for it
Recruitment Drive [CC]
With one of your cities under attack, the governor proves you were right to entrust them with running the city
Parental Guidance [CC]
You receive a letter from your child asking for advice
Desertion [CC]
After a major defeat, survivors bring you more bad news
Religious Carvings [CC]
Your explorers discover remnants of what looks like distinctly religious art
Delicious Wine [CC]
Your scouts recently harvested some particularly delicious grapes
Unexpected Reunion [CC]
The palace guard brings a ragged man/woman to court who seeks forgiveness
A Daring Escape [CC]
A young woman arrives in your city, her appearance leaving no doubt that her journey was arduous
Public Scrolls [CC]
A new library in one of your cities stands ready to welcome everyone who wishes to learn
Festival of Dionysus [CC]
This year’s City Dionysia was the best festival your city has seen in living memory
Battle in the Skies [CC]
There are various reports of strange sightings in the sky above your city
Improved AI use of War Elephants
The AI will no longer build Settlers after all city sites have been taken
Miscellaneous Changes
Players can now set Succession Order and Succession Gender in the Advanced Setup tab while creating a Single Player game
These options can also be chosen during game setup in Multiplayer games featuring characters
The ‘Show Rival Family Colors’ option will now change the secondary color of units to match their nation color in Multiplayer modes
This change only occurs for units that do not belong to the active player
Players now have the ability to place roads in the Map Editor
Bug Fixes
Fixed some issues with Victory Point calculations
Fixed an issue where Culture yield was being reset after capturing a rival city - cities will now revert to Weak culture and recalculate yields once captured
Fixed an issue where the Game of the Week would not start properly
Fixed an issue where player slots would become greyed out shortly after using the password field
Fixed an alignment issue that could occur when there were no actions available for the selected player
Fixed a null reference error that could occur when hovering over Culture links in the Encyclopedia
Fixed an issue where unit movement would not play correctly when moving units into tiles that were originally not visible
Fixed an issue with tile visibility that could sometimes occur when assigning agents
Fixed an assert error that could occur when loading the Event Browser
Fixed a barbarian alliance movement issue
Fixed an issue with with initial order calculations for simultaneous turn MP Games
Fixed a height elevation issue with the Necropolis wonder
Fixed a loading issue that could occur when trying to reload Multiplayer Games on lower network connection speeds - multiplayer games should now have a better chance of recovery in these instances
Fixed an issue where instant unit movement was not working correctly
Fixed an issue where resources could be generated on urban tiles during map creation
Fixed some issues with player alliances
Fixed some flickering tooltip issues
Fixed some mission indicator issues
Fixed some health bar issues
Fixed some null reference exception errors
Fixed various event issues
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