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Last active August 19, 2020 21:24
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.41502 Test (08/17/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.41598 Early Release (08/19/2020)
The strength of the Battering Ram has been increased to 6 (Up from 3)
The strength of the Siege Tower has been increased to 8 (Up from 4)
The strength of the Light Chariot has been increased to 6 (Up from 5)
The strength of the Kushite Cavalry has been increased to 8 (Up from 7)
The Assault unit effect now grants +50% strength bonus when attacking into Urban tiles
The following units now gain +20% strength versus damaged units
Palton Cavalry
Cataphract Archer
The following units now do splash damage when attacking
Akkadian Archer
Cimmerian Archer
Assigning a General now costs 100 Training
Assigning a Governor now costs 100 Civics
Diplomats (with the exception of the leader) can now serve as Agents
The Capital city now earns +2 Culture per year
Greek cities now earn +3 Culture per year (Down from +4)
Some new ambitions have been added
Control four luxuries
Control eight luxuries
Families now include an Oligarch
This character serves as the head of the family, and their opinion will affect the opinion of the whole family
The Oligarch’s portrait will be featured next to family information in the Families tab
The following improvement models have been updated
The Pantheon wonder model has been updated
The model and icon for the Elite Huscarl unit has been updated
The Skirmisher unit has been updated with combat animations
Tree vegetation has been updated
Scrub vegetation on hill tiles has been updated
The icon for the pathfinder unit effect has been updated
The attack preview HUD has been updated to support a 3D view of the selected unit and their intended target
This preview will display unit combat idle animations (If applicable)
Unit action buttons will be hidden while the attack preview is displayed
Specialist buttons will now switch to a state where they cannot be interacted with if a specialist cannot be built/queued
UI panels on the right side of the screen (Characters, Families, etc) will now be hidden while the choose research pop up is open
Active missions will now display the number of years left until completion on the mission button
Sorting of the Characters tab has been improved
A ‘Select Mods’ button is now available in the Advanced Setup tab of the Singleplayer set up screen
The Mod management screen has received some UI polish updates
Various HUD elements have received some background polish updates
The Warlord unit has been updated with attack and hit audio effects
The Nomad Marauder unit has been updated with walk and run audio effects
The following units have received some adjustments to their combat audio effects
Various combat audio effects have been updated to include auto-ducking to improve the balance of mixed combat audio effects and their volume
AI uses Scouts for sentries
AI will make alliances with Tribes
AI now settles sub-optimal locations if the best tile is not available
Miscellaneous Changes
The random setting for Tribal location on the Continent map script now includes a wider variety of tribe count and placement
Units will now turn and face each other after moving, if they are hostile
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where event options granting a character an archetype listed the tooltip text twice
Fixed an issue where minimized event decision buttons would not update to be selectable after yield stockpiles changed
Fixed some flickering issues that could occur when mousing over tiles
Fixed an issue where help text was not displaying correctly under certain circumstances
Fixed an issue where strength and critical chance stats were not positioned correctly on the attack preview window
Fixed an issue where divider lines were appearing in help text windows in circumstances where they weren’t necessary
Fixed an issue where workers would stop performing queued Road-To actions before the route was completed
Fixed an issue where cities would sometimes not expand as expected upon being founded
Fixed an issue where specifying a coastal start on the continent map script could result in the player starting next to any body of water (Players should now always start on the coast of an ocean or a bay)
Fixed an issue where a loading screen hint featured a spelling error
Fixed an issue where certain resources were not contouring to terrain correctly
Fixed an issue that was causing the AI to miss city capture opportunities
Fixed a graphical issue that could occur when hovering over a queued specialist in the city screen
Fixed an issue where barbarians would sometimes not attack when they were in range to do so
Fixed an issue where font colors initially didn’t appear correctly on disabled options present on pop ups
Fixed a flickering issue that could occur when selecting characters on the Inheritance screen
Fixed some issues with setup screen backgrounds
Fixed some setup screen tooltips that were not appearing correctly
Fixed some help text issues
Fixed various null reference errors
Fixed a texture issue that was occurring with the warrior unit
Fixed a UI issue that could occur when selecting a family
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