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Last active July 15, 2021 05:41
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.53328 Test 7/12/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.53436 Release 7/14/2021
Encyclopedia has been moved to position 1 on the top-left hud. Right-clicking on links no longer opens Encyclopedia.
Player strength (comparing to other nations) now called Power
Culture now comes from Pagan Religion, not individual Shrines
It is now possible to play with no opponents in single-player
Additional content added to in-game Encyclopedia
Scheming heir 20% more likely to kill you on Realistic mortality, halved for Long mortality
Among the Dead event now will only appear if heir is an adult
Multiplayer Join Menu now automatically updates matches every 3 seconds
Multiplayer Join Menu now displays more games
You can now end alliances and break peace with human players
Fixed MP player connection status bar not appearing for one-player teams
Visual improvements to:
Via Recta Souk
Zoroastrian Monastery
Zoroastrian Cathedral
Carthage Campaign: additional Epic achievements
Minor Adjustments to AI
Improvements to performance
Map editor: fixed issue with deleting improvements
Map editor: Roads now show proper connections in map editor
It is now possible to select govenors from the City Screen
The UI for rushing units has been updated
Added diplomacy icon (tinted based on opinion) to player tooltip diplomacy list
Fixed unit visibility issue that sometimes occured when map is revealed
Added luxury text to city production button when adding specialist would add a luxury
Added separate tooltip for spouse/heir role slots to match council slot tooltips
A confirmation popup has been added when loading a game while in a game
A popup has been added when the game fails to load
Retire button has been disabled if the player already surrendered or game is over
Adjusted button locations on minimap
Fonts have been updated and the usage is more consistent between menus
Changed default main menu fps to 60
various helptext improvements
It is now possible to set music to continue playing when the game loses focus. This can be toggled on in the options > audio menu
New Events:
The Stolen City
Too Close for Comfort
Carrying the Torch
Leading The Next Generation
Bug fixes:
Fixes crash that occured when building cities or improvements on certain tiles
City production buttons now reflect reduced specialist costs in Landowner cities
Fixed mismatched tab overlay screen hotkey text
Found city help now gives advice for the correct family when random families is selected
System time now updates throughout the turn
Addressed minor issues with cancelling tribute/trade/luxuries on player/tribe death
Christian improvements now show correct icon
Fixed issue that occured checking for assigned govenors in non-player cities
Resources in grey fog now appear on resource overlays
It is no longer possible to use undo to change the outcomes of events.
Single-Object mode now properly displays dyes resource
Various event fixes
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Cwergus commented Jul 15, 2021

Please convert in Character.cs in string: string zName = " of" + pLoopCity.getName(); - " of" to text reference.
and strings pWriter.WriteElementString.... in Structs.cs; HelpText.buildImprovementLink... " Finished" in Unit.cs
This is needed for the mod with translation.

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