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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.56896 Test 01/05/2022
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.56951 Release 01/07/2022
We now display icons for combat modifiers, such as vs Mounted, anti-polearm, anti-infantry
Flanking no longer applies to attacking cities
City help for rivals now shows visible projects (walls, moats, towers)
Reduced civics cost of more expensive Urban specialists
Can no longer swap units if both of them are in hostile ZOC
Learn to Play 5 has been added
Assimilation concept has been added to the encyclopedia
Preset Options has been added to the simple game setup menu
Added No Starting Techs game option
Adjustments to 1v1 multiplayer maps
Added surrender notification to Play By Cloud email notifications
Improvements to performance
AI Improvements
New Events
Heroes of Two Realms
Thinkers and Tinkerers
A Touch of the Exotic
Turning of the Wheels
Sins of the Past
Name of the Murderer
Out For Blood
A Dagger for a Dagger
A Challenge of Honor
The Last One Standing
My Little Ponies
Embracing Irreverence
Fools and Madmen
Material Needs
Lands of Plenty
The Brave Among Us
The Weight of Gold
Our Shield
Warrior Class
The Crossroads
Together in the World
Modern Marvels
Enemies Together
From One Commander To Another
Tough As Nails
Fieldcraft - Herbal Medicine
Updated Potential Heir event to have more appropriate heirs
Fixed harvest yield bug for team games
Can no longer marry your Stepfather/mother
Fixes to tab scrolling
Addressed poor performance issue on Mac
fixed city banners not appearing in revealed grey tiles after city is already revealed
Fixed Northern Ocean and Hardwood Forest map script Tribe placement
SP preset selection populates the default fields in the advanced setup screen when they are not explicitly defined in the preset
Learn-to-Play 2: Fixed issue with free settler
More tracks have been flagged as licensed tracks
Various text and event fixes
Fixed audio not playing on losing focus when option is set on
Further fixes to Learn to Play 2, 3 and 4
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