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Last active November 3, 2021 21:19
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Test Branch: Old World Version 1.0.55837 Test 11/01/2021
Main Branch: Old World Version 1.0.55852 Release 11/03/2021
Relationships tab now shows religion for family heads
Family or Nation is now shown for religion heads in the religions tab
Family character list is now sorted by age
Making a decision will cycle to next decision, regardless of Unit Cycling option setting
It is now possible to play the Barbarian Horde Scenario with any Map Script (Raiders will cross water)
Added "New Map" setting: starts a new game with current settings
Adjusted "Restart Game" setting: Replay this game from the beginning
Improvements to AI
Adjustments to how yields are displayed
Font material adjustments for better readability
Minimum Setting added to terrain graphics option
New Events
Spoils of Labor
Pleasant Scents
Treasure Hunting
Skirmish in the Ruins
Rise and Shine
Monkey Assassin
Drawn From the Rock
Humping Resources Home
Put an End to their Wining
Minor Problems
Ritual of the pit
Taking trophies
Horsing around
Corner the market
Fortune in furs
Marble madness
Drinking Buddies
The Path
Counting Sheep
Perfect Pearls
Crab Controversy
Carrying Capacity
Salty Sauce
Medicinal Fruits
Getting Goats
Seeing Serpents
Scholars in Arms
Scholars in Arms -- Completed
Various text and event fixes
Fixed some popups extending beyond the screen edges for certain aspect ratios
Addressed issue where Constitution was not giving +3 Money per Specialist
Fixed scout return tooltip text not adjusting based on turn scale setting
It is now possible to complete Learn to Play 2
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