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Last active November 18, 2020 22:09
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.44536 Test (11/16/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.44593 Early Release (11/18/2020)
Some changes have been made to Shrines
Persia now has a Hunting Shrine - Shrine of Mithra
Persia’s Sun shrine has been renamed to Shrine of Hvar Khshaita (This was previously the Shrine of Mithra)
Rome now has a Hearth Shrine - Shrine of Vesta
Rome’s Hunting Shrine (Shrine of Diana) has been removed
The Militia unit has been updated with new animations
The Spearman icon has been updated
Various portraits have received a polish update
More bonus technology icons have been updated
The City screen now displays the luxuries that are being sent to each city
The City tooltip layout has been updated
The City healthbar is now located between the culture and build progress bars on the city widget
Agent buttons states on the city widget have been updated and will now change to show the following states:
The city can be assigned an agent
The city has an agent assigned
The agent is on a mission
The Leader HUD will now update to indicate if the leader is on a mission
The upgrade specialist button has been moved to appear under the upgrade meter instead of being part of the icon
This change applies to specialists with multiple levels (Acolytes, for example)
Unit banner chevrons are now representative of the unit’s level rather than the number of promotions the unit has
Tooltip text has been added to the “Delete Cloud Game” button for clarity
Various UI areas have received a polish update
The following units have had their hit audio effects updated
The following units have had their death audio effects updated
Worker building audio SFX have been updated
The Multiplayer end-of-turn timer sound has received some updates
New Events
Some existing events have been updated with new chain events
Word reaches you that another nation is planning to attack you
Commander Crisis
A famous commander of another nation is rumored to be planning a campaign against you
Tactical Error
A cunning tactician from another nation is planning an attack on you
Holy War
A zealous rival nation leader has begun to preach against you
A Twisted Scheme
A schemer from another nation is preparing for war against you
A Call to Arms
A famed orator from another nation has turned their talents against you
Judgement Day
A judge from another nation has turned their unerring judgment upon you
An Age of Wonders
Another nation has built a mighty empire and now turns their eyes towards your own resources
A Calculated Gambit
A scholar from another nation is preparing for war against you, likely having calculated the ideal time to attack
Diplomacy by Other Means
A renowned diplomat from another nation no longer believes you are worth talking to
A Classic Tragedy
A troubling report arrives from the Rhetoric Academy
This event can start an event chain
Airy and Mendacious
A teacher at the Rhetoric Academy has taken an acute interest in a student
Against the Sophists
A Rhetoric student meets with you to discuss a copy of a speech
Opposing Views
A Rhetoric student comes to you seeking guidance
Improved AI Civics expense planning
Improved AI handling of rebels and raiders
Improved AI city founding family selection
AI now takes account of allied units when planning its attacks
AI now protects endangered workers with military units
Miscellaneous Changes
The Mod Screen will now prompt players to download necessary mods in cases where they are trying to play with a mod that has dependencies with another mod
Units with water traveling capabilities will now turn into boats when moving across water
Confirmation pop ups have been added to the ‘Kick Active Player’ and ‘Delete’ options for Play-By-Cloud games
The hotkey to enable Road-To/Connect to Tile mode has been changed to CTRL + R
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where the AI was not following OCC rules in Multiplayer games, if those were in effect
Fixed an issue where non-host players could see the Kick Active Player button on Play-By-Cloud games
Fixed an issue where non-host players could kick the active player in Play-By-Cloud games
Fixed some flickering tooltip issues
Fixed an issue where unit banners could disappear when moved off camera
Fixed an error that could occur when opening the options menu
Fixed some broken text that was appearing in certain encyclopedia entries
Fixed some help text errors that could occur on Choose Ambition pop ups
Fixed an issue where the Orator icon was not showing up correctly in certain UI areas
Fixed some issues where disabled UI swipe sounds were playing at incorrect times
Fixed an issue with worker positioning on a tile with the harbor improvement
Fixed some issues where tooltips could overlap with buttons featured in the city screen
Fixed an issue where selecting to build in a teammate’s city in Multiplayer Modes would subtract the resources but not build the selected choice / add it to the build queue
Fixed some unit banner issues that could be caused while moving units
Fixed an issue with the minimized choose decision pop up for the retiring general event
Fixed a divide by zero error that could occur while navigating through Multiplayer menus
Fixed an issue where the chat log would sometimes not appear when receiving a new message
Fixed an issue where certain events would cause the chat log to open
Fixed some issues with the add specialist button
Fixed an issue with worker AI after city founding
Fixed a bug with AI danger evaluation
Fixed an issue where AI was not building holy site buildings
Fixed an issue where affected cities were sometimes not listed in tooltips
Fixed an issue where the monitor selection option was not working correctly - a restart is required when changing this option
Fixed an issue where the city damage preview would not update when unit selection changed
Fixed an issue where resolution settings weren’t being saved properly
Fixed an issue where city widgets weren’t updating when a city connection was established
Fixed an issue where unit models could cause graphical issues with the city widget
Fixed some icon issues
Fixed an issue where multiple heirs could be assigned the same portrait
Fixed other various AI issues
Fixed some null reference errors
Fixed various event issues
Fixed an issue where sending chat messages in Multiplayer modes would cause a brief delay in performance
Fixed some audio issues that were leading to performance issues - we appreciate your feedback as we continue to improve performance!
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