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Last active November 4, 2020 22:08
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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.44116 Test (11/02/2020)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.44204 Early Release (11/04/2020)
Shrine bonuses based on location have been added
War Shrines [Mars/Ninurta:] +10 XP for idle infantry units (stationed on the shrine)
Fire Shrines [Atar/Nuska/Vulcan:] +1 Training/Year per adjacent Lumbermill
Wisdom Shrines [Athena/Nabu:] +1 Civics/Year per adjacent Odeon
Sun Shrines [Mithra/Ra/Shamahs:] +20% for adjacent Farms
Water Shrines [Anahita/Melqart/Poseidon:] +20% for adjacent Nets
Love Shrines [Astarte/Ishtar/Venus:] +20% for adjacent Pastures
Underworld Shrines [Ereshkigal/Hades/Osiris:] +100% for adjacent Mountains/Volcanoes
Healing Shrines [Eshmun/Isis:] +1 Growth/Year per adjacent Grove
Kingship Shrines [Ashur/Marduk/Zeus:] +1 Order/Year per adjacent Wonder
Hearth Shrines [Tanit/Tishtrya:] +5 Money/Year per adjacent resource
Hunting Shrines [Diana/Neith:] +1 Level for new Ranged units. +20% for adjacent Camps
The Colossus now provides +1 Level for new units
The Circus Maximus now provides +10 XP/Year for idle mounted units (stationed on the Wonder)
The Divine Rule law now allows players to adopt Pagan Religions as State Religions
Theology prerequisites have been removed
For example, players no longer have to adopt either Mythology or Veneration to unlock Revelation - Revelation can be adopted regardless of the player’s Tier 1 theology choice
Players can only adopt one Theology per tier
Adjacency to a road tile is no longer sufficient for a trade network connection
For example, when building a road, tiles surrounding that road will now only be added to the trade network if they connect to other parts of the network (i.e. the tile features a river edge, has a road, or is a water tile)
There are now opinion boosts and penalties based on Player Alliances
The Grand Bazaar has been renamed to The Via Recta Souk
The Elite Libyan Cavalry unit has been updated with new animations
The following models have been updated
The following unit models have been updated
Christian Disciple
Manichaean Disciple
The following icons have been updated
Player Alliance
Elite Nomad Warlord
A teenage portrait has been added for Alexander (Greece)
A child portrait has been added for Neferure (Egypt)
Closing the Choose Research pop up will now display a mini deck HUD that players can choose a research option from
The Characters tab will now display an icon to represent which religion each character follows
The selected character panel has received the following updates
The religion the character follows is now listed in this panel
The character’s family is now displayed in the corner of their avatar featured within this panel
The player alliance icon will now replace the peace diplomacy icon when applicable
Players will now receive a turn notification when unit auto-move is cancelled
An Unload Game button has been added to Multiplayer Games hosted through Server Mode
A confirmation popup has been added to the ‘Exit to Menu’ and ‘Quit to Desktop’ menu options
The City screen HUD layout has been updated
City widgets have been updated to appear in clusters
New Events
Sword of the Fallen
Your armies recover an ancient, ornate sword from an enemy general after a battle
Tiny Hands
Your chancellor expresses their concerns when the local prisons become inundated with children
A member of your nation experiences complications while giving birth
In the Water
Your scientists believe they have discovered the cause of a mysterious illness
Might of Nations
One of your generals requests that you expand your military recruitment to include foreign citizens living in another nation
Tentacles of Corruption
Rumors of corruption bring your court’s productivity to a standstill
False Outlook
One of your great soldiers suggests a solution after ongoing conflicts start to impact citizen morale negatively
Fear of the Other
Your child is attacked in the street as bitterness against a barbarian tribe grows within your nation
Secret Rituals
Your agents claim that a governor is holding secret rituals in honor of an obscure god
A Grand Speech [CC]
Citizens have gathered to hear you deliver a grand speech
Special Guest [CC]
You are invited to attend a festival being held in a rival nation
Saved in the Last Hour [CC]
Your spymaster reveals some important news
Keeping up Appearances [CC]
A member of your nation confides in you their feelings about their marriage
One Story Too Far [CC]
Your ambassador’s proclivity for storytelling creates a diplomatic incident
[Religion] Pilgrims [CC]
The arrival of religious pilgrims is causing some concern in one of your cities
This event can start an event chain
Help for the Righteous [CC]
Another nation offers to assist your war efforts against a rival nation
Captured Supplies [CC]
Your troops recent victory was so swift that they managed to capture some supply crates from the enemy forces
Improved AI city defense
Improved AI retreat
Miscellaneous Changes
A Changelog field has been added to the Mod Upload screen
Save files and Cloud Game save files are now saved as zipped files
This should reduce wait times when Cloud Syncing via the Epic Launcher
This change will only occur for newly created saves, existing saves are still xml files
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where player slots would disappear for the host player once claimed - these slots should now grey out and update to list the player who claimed the slot
Fixed an issue where minimizing an ambition pop up would would cause the skip option to replace the first option
Fixed some help text instances that featured broken text
Fixed an issue where Multiplayer Join slots could extend past the screen display
Fixed a height elevation issue with the Pyramids and Apadana wonders
Fixed an issue where Trader Family workers would not build roads properly when using Road-To/Connect to Tile functionality
Fixed an issue where barbarian hovels could respawn from city sites that were being claimed by a hidden scout (Schemer Leader) - Scouts controlled by a leader with the Schemer Archetype are no longer considered hidden while claiming a city site
Fixed an issue where unit tooltips would not appear correctly when hovering over locked tooltips
Fixed some issues where pop ups could interfere with other screens
Fixed some help text inconsistencies
Fixed an issue where Leaders with the Schemer archetype could adopt their own children
Fixed some issues related to various missions
Fixed an issue where characters were converting to religions they had not come in contact with
Fixed an issue where remaining moves were incorrectly queued for the next turn when using the ‘move to fatigue limit’ option
Fixed an exception error that occurred when discovering a landmark outside of the map boundaries
Fixed some exception errors that could occur when loading single player game
Fixed some image cropping issues with certain events
Fixed some mission issues
Fixed various event issues
Fixed some performance issues - this work is still in progress and we appreciate your feedback as we continue to make progress!
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