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Aesthetics has been replaced with Vaulting
Vaulting has been replaced with Ballistics
The Lateen Sail and Jurisprudence techs have been swapped
Some goal and law adjustments have been made to coincide with these changes
Monasteries no longer require Urban adjacency
Units of dead nations now become rebels
Some Archetypes have received some buffs when placed as a general of a unit
Hero Generals: +10% Strength
Commander Generals: +10% Adjacent Defense if same unit
Tactician Generals: Immune to Critical Hits
Zealot Generals: Can Heal in Neutral Territory
Schemer Generals: Hidden in Forests
The Maintenance cost from empty improvements has been increased
Surrounding a city site with your territory turns it into a Minor City
This feature works with the One City challenge
A One City Challenge option has been added to the Single Player set up screen
Diplomacy missions can now be disabled based on opinion
A competitive opponent level has been added
This setting can be found in the AI aggression dropdown in the game set up screen
This setting makes the AI more likely to declare war on you if you get close to winning by points
Naval ZOC now blocks water transport
Ancient Ruins now only play their effects when a scout is selected
The following specialist icons have been updated:
The following improvement icons have been updated:
The following tech icons have been updated:
The following unit models have been updated:
Siege Tower
Battering Ram
The following improvement models have been updated
Laurion Mine
The Onager has been updated with new animations
Idle, Hit, Run, Attack and Death
The Apadana event has received new art
Deer have received some animation updates
The cattle resource has received some small updates
Diplomacy icons have been updated
The City Widget appearance has been updated
There is now a unit cycler for naval units
Scouts have been added to this cycler group
Undo and Redo buttons have been moved and are now located on both sides of the leader portrait
Closing certain events will now open a minimized panel for the event above the leader portrait
There is now a luxuries button present within the city view, allowing you to send luxuries to cities
Sending luxuries to a city reduces the city’s discontent by 1
The worker filter buttons have been changed back to their original design
These filters have been updated with new icons and a highlight state to show which filter is selected
You can now switch active research on the tech tree with CTRL + Click
The attack screen has received some polish updates
Font on the Choose Leader screen has been updated
Archetype help text has been added to Heir education options
Map overlay options have been changed from a dropdown menu to buttons for each option
Players can use Shift + Click to lock an overlay
There are also hotkeys associated with each overlay
Promote, Upgrade, and Add General actions will now highlight when an action is available
A confirm button has been added to the rename pop up
There is now a character limit associated with renaming
The appearance of the game log buttons has been adjusted
The world text font has been updated
The Help Screen has received some polish updates
New Events
Personal Influence
Your sibling approaches you with concerns regarding one of the families
Symbolic Gesture
One of your families asks you to attend a blessing at a local temple
Wild Revels
Rumors begin to spread after a night of intoxicated escapades
Riding Contest
A tribe requests your participation in a riding contest
This event will start an event chain
Followers of an imprisoned character appear in court to request their release
Hunger in [City]
Malnourishment in one of your cities has taken its toll on the children and the city requests help
Secret Fund
Court merchants bring a discrepancy in tax payments to your attention
Exotic Getaway
Your spouse would like to go on an exotic getaway with you
Midnight Meeting
A young servant is beguiled by your reputation and catches your attention
This event will start an event chain
Pushed Too Far
A character is accused of conspiring to sabotage the military training grounds in one of your cities
Role Model
Your child approaches you requesting luxuries and indulgences
Community Chest
Impressed by your presence on the throne, elders from one of your cities come to offer a blessing
The Traveler
A traveler arrives at the palace and seeks a night of rest and shelter
The Riddle of the Gate
You find a guarded entrance to an ancient ruined city with an inscription that will help open the gate
The Riddle of the Sphinx
The Sphinx has a riddle for you to solve
Acquired Tastes
After seizing a city, you seize works of great philosophers and must decide what to do with them
Oedipus Tyrannus
A theater in one of your cities is showing the Poetics of Sophocles and has a play called Oedipus - you must decide if you would like to put on your own adaptation
Some positive diplomacy offer events have been added
Some events allowing your allies to return original cities of yours that they have recaptured have been added
Adjusted AI specialist value to encourage earlier founding of religions
AI will now make alliances with each other
Improved AI Scouting
Improved worker AI
AI improvements and fixes
Miscellaneous Changes
Folders for ‘Mods’ and ‘Translations’ will now auto-generate if users do not have those folders already
Many Hardcoded strings have been moved to xmls, including UI labels and tooltip help text
Default font now supports Greek and Russian character sets
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where sending a luxury to a city wouldn't deduct that luxury from your global stockpile
Fixed an issue where a goal that was unobtainable would appear in One City Challenge mode
Fixed an error that could occur when eliminating another nation in One City Challenge mode
Fixed an issue where tile yield information would not show when hovering over the build improvement buttons in the worker menu
Fixed a crash that could occur when revealing the map and ending the turn
Fixed an issue where using the ‘Pick Nation Later’ and ‘Randomize Families’ options resulted in not being able to choose which family founded your first city
Fixed an issue with Double Victory not correctly being triggered when all the requirements were met
Fixed an issue where it was possible to receive the civics yield from councils twice
Fixed an issue with the years to next threshold text for discontent
Fixed an issue where in-game music was still locked to the 10 turn requirement
Music should now unlock when the Drama tech is researched
Fixed an issue where loading a save would not load associated mods attached to that save
Fixed an issue where events would not cancel if one of the characters was dead
Fixed an issue with being able to repeat queue non-repeatable projects
Fixed an issue with the council unlock tooltip
Fixed an issue with the launch offensive icon
Fixed a typo in the Civics tooltip
Fixed an issue with the harbor rotation, the harbor should now rotate to the nearest land tile when built once more
Fixed an issue with some tips that are present on loading screens
Memory and Performance issues are actively being worked on - we appreciate your feedback
Fixed various event issues

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@jmrathbun jmrathbun commented Jun 10, 2020


Other than the above, it seems to be working just fine... but I'm only up to year 106 playing Able.

Thanks for all your great work on this interesting game!

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