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Test Branch: Old World Version 0.1.50260 Test (05/03/2021)
Main Branch: Old World Version 0.1.50339 Early Release (05/05/2021)
Assyrian units now receive +100% yields when pillaging tiles
Three new units promotions are available
Strike I: +10% Attack Strength
Strike II: +15% Attack Strength
Strike III: +20% Attack Strength
The Hero Archetype has been updated
Hero Leaders now grant all Melee units +10% attack strength (Hero Leaders previously granted all Melee units +10% attack and defense strength)
The Commander Archetype has been updated
Commander Leaders now grant all Infantry units +10% defense strength (Down from +20%)
The following units now have the ability to Rout (Attack again after defeating an enemy unit)
Palton Cavalry
Cataphract Archer
The Mounted Unit bonus on Flat/Clear tiles now only applies to Melee combat
Courage stats will now only provide a bonus to Attack Strength (Previously affected Attack and Defense Strength)
Legitimacy rewards earned from some Wonders have been updated
This Legitimacy reward is granted via the ‘Wonder Finished’ events
Developing Culture Wonders: +4 Legitimacy (Up from 2)
Strong Culture Wonders: +6 Legitimacy (Up from 2)
Legendary Culture Wonders: +8 Legitimacy (Up from 2)
The following units have been updated with new animations
Horse Archer
The following unit models have been updated
Kushite Cavalry (Includes Idle, Walk, and Run animations)
Phalangite (Unit icon has also been updated)
Palton Cavalry
The improvement model and icon for The Via Recta Souk wonder has been updated
The Oracle will now display construction progress as it is being built
Arrow projectiles have been added to the following units (replaced placeholder projectiles)
Amazon Cavalry
Elite Amazon Cavalry
Spear projectiles have been added to the following units (replaced placeholder projectiles)
Elite Skirmisher
Nomad Skirmisher
Elite Nomad Skirmisher
Elite Javalineer
Elite Peltast
Libyan Cavalry
Technology Cards now feature hover effects
More particle effects have been added
Particle effects are now shown when adding and changing Council Members
Ash particle effects are now shown when hovering over dead family members in the Inheritance screen
Turn notifications now feature shine FX
The cycler button now features FX when ‘End Year’ is displayed
Various icons have been improved or updated
Worker unit filters have received some updates
The ‘Show Improvements and Basic Actions’ filter has been changed to the ‘Show Valid Improvements’ filter
An ‘Actions’ category (containing worker actions like Add Road, Add Urban, etc.) has been added to every filter
The Resource Overlay has received some improvements
The resource overlay will now display yields granted from harvesting resources when Scout, Settler and Worker units are selected
The resource overlay will now display applicable improvements and specialists
The resource overlay can be viewed by holding the N key, or by using the tile resource overlay button on the minimap
Naval units will now display their Anchor range when hovering over the Anchor button
Governor portraits are now displayed in the City List [The City List can be viewed by pressing F6]
Tribes are now listed in the Score area in the upper left hand corner in games with 1 human player/team
Pillaged text will now change to red when there is only 1 turn left to repair the improvement
Timed goals (Legacy quests, for example) will now change colors to represent the amount of time the player has left to accomplish the goal
Buy/Sell widgets have received a polish update
The following units have been updated with new SFX
Nomad Warlord
Light Chariot
Selection SFX has been added to the following units
Akkadian Archer
Cimmerian Archer
Cataphract Archer
Kushite Cavalry
Palton Cavalry
The Fish resource has been updated with new ambient SFX
New Events
National Constitution
You are ready to present the people of your nation with a national constitution, but must decide what your nation should focus on next
The Progression of Love
You discover that a member of your nation has feelings for a friend
Covert Marriage
One of your families sends an urgent message to the palace after a marriage takes place against their wishes
Lovers Elope
You discover that two members of your nation have eloped
Marrying for Love
You have the opportunity to marry someone you love, but it will damage your reputation
Heart in Two
You must decide if you will marry for love or for duty
New Beginnings
Your coronation approaches, and the matter of marriage is raised
The Eruption
After days of slight tremors, the unthinkable happens
The Flood
A sudden downpour of rain causes some flood damage in your city
The Price of War
A nearby barbarian group presents you with an offer to consider, should you wish to avoid future attacks
Prison Conscripts
As the enemy descends upon your city, a member of your nation proposes conscripting prisoners into the army
This event can start an event chain
Traitor in the Temple
You have one last chance to capture a traitor of your nation that has been on the run
Affairs of Influence
A member of your nation that you intend to influence has remained elusive, but their spouse seems much more willing to speak to you
A Royal Affair
A member of your nation has made no attempt to hide their feelings for you, but you must consider your spouse
Food for the Faithful
After offering your services to the venerable High Synod, you are asked to support some struggling believers with a donation of food
This event has other variants for different resources
Happy New Subjects
Much to everyone’s surprise, the original inhabitants of your city are far from resenting your new rule
Tutorial: Tooltips
This event explains Old World’s nested tooltip system
This tutorial event features an example video
Tutorial: Clear Forests
This tutorial event explains the worker unit’s ability to chop down trees
Tutorial: Anchoring
This tutorial event explains the various mechanics involved with anchoring ships
This tutorial event has been updated with an example video
This tutorial event replaced the ‘Bireme Selected’ tutorial
A Friendly Face
The bickering and deceit of the court weigh heavily on you, but your dog companion keeps you in good spirits
A Pawed Disaster
You enter your chambers to find your furry companion chewing on the monkey’s paw
Camels and Paws
A herd of camel arrive at the palace, startling your dog
Paws and Tails
Your pet dog and monkey are causing several issues within the palace
Your attempt to assassinate a member of your nation backfires
Fallen Spymaster
A scout rushes to the palace to report that your Spymaster has been gravely wounded
This event can start an event chain
A Friendly Warning
You receive an urgent message from a nearby tribal leader
Honor Among Raiders
A nearby tribe conducts a successful raid against a rival nation and offers to share the loot with you
Some new variations of First Contact events have been added
Improved AI’s evaluation of abdication the throne
AI will no longer abdicate the throne unless the heir is an adult
Improved AI ship water control
Miscellaneous Changes
The Goal of the Barbarian Horde scenario has been updated - Eliminate 100% of the Horde
UI and Rules text has been updated to reflect this change
Tweaked some uprising settings to reflect this change
The ‘Instant Unit Movement’ option [Found in the General Tab of the Options Menu] will now only affect units that belong to the player
Help text for this option has been updated to reflect this change
Various improvements have been made to the ‘Reduce Animation Detail’ option
Tooltip text has also been updated for clarification
Various help text entries have been improved
Bug Fixes
Fixed some combat preview camera view issues with certain units
Fixed an issue where tooltip text incorrectly referred to Rival Heirs as ‘Your Heir’
Fixed some instant unit movement issues
Fixed some issues that could occur upon being defeated
Fixed some issues with the Nomad Warlord unit’s animations
Fixed some issues with the Light Chariot’s unit animations
Fixed an issue with the worker’s position when standing on a tile featuring a quarry
Fixed some small issues with Technology icons
Fixed some null reference errors that could occur when editing settings in Multiplayer game setup
Fixed an issue where harvest overlay yield amounts were short by a factor of 10
Fixed some icon formatting issues
Fixed some issues where certain units could be granted incorrectly via event rewards
Fixed a display issue with movement range previews when in hostile territory
Fixed some issues where invalid options were displaying on minimized decision panels
Fixed an issue where the Worker harvest button would disappear when holding CTRL
Fixed some health bar issues that could occur with stacked units
Fixed some issues where mission buttons could display repeated options or no options
Fixed an issue where the Barbarian Horde size was not properly recalculated when restarting games with the ‘Random’ uprising time setting
Fixed some tutorial trigger issues
Fixed some council tab appearance issues
Fixed some settings overlap issues that could occur when setting games up with a scenario active
Fixed some issues where archetype icons were occasionally appearing incorrectly
Fixed some missions incorrectly always appearing disabled
Fixed some projectiles that were being fired backwards
Fixed a rotation issue with the Garrison improvement
Fixed some tooltip overlap issues that could occur when attempting to open additional tooltips
Fixed an issue where tribes were always disabled when attempting to play the Barbarian Horde scenario in MP
Fixed an issue where ALT was not properly updating city production buttons
Fixed an issue where ALT was not properly updating add specialist buttons
Fixed some more character opinion issues
Fixed an assert error that could occur when loading some saves
Fixed various event issues
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