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Mons /
Created July 6, 2021 16:48 — forked from ochaton/
Monitoring fiber of latency of single ev_once
> tarantool -l fiber -l clock -e 'fiber.create(function() while true do while clock.time() < fiber.time()+0.1 do end fiber.sleep(0.01) end end)' test.lua
entering the event loop
e:100.011µs p:0.017µs t:99.998µs
e:100.042µs p:0.010µs t:100.035µs
e:100.013µs p:0.015µs t:100.004µs
e:100.005µs p:0.006µs t:99.994µs
e:100.007µs p:0.004µs t:99.996µs
e:100.010µs p:0.009µs t:99.993µs
e:100.012µs p:0.016µs t:100.000µs
e:100.009µs p:0.050µs t:99.999µs
Mons / tar_test.c
Created December 14, 2020 13:35 — forked from danikin/tar_test.c
Tarantool Quick Test
// Tarantool quick test
// Copyright, Dennis Anikin 2016
// Quick disclaimer:
// This test shows 500K-1000K transactions per second on one CPU core
// and 600K-1600K queries per second on one CPU core.
// Based on the $6.57 per-month-price for the AWS t2.micro instance we can afford the tremendous number of 630bln queries for just $1
// "License": Public Domain
// I, Mathias Panzenböck, place this file hereby into the public domain. Use it at your own risk for whatever you like.
#if (defined(_WIN16) || defined(_WIN32) || defined(_WIN64)) && !defined(__WINDOWS__)
# define __WINDOWS__