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Created August 23, 2022 02:06
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This bash file when executed scaffolds a theme structure with just the bare essentials of a BBT (Block Based Theme).
#! /bin/bash
mkdir "$PWD"/bare-bbt
touch "$PWD"/bare-bbt/style.css
mkdir "$PWD"/bare-bbt/templates "$PWD"/bare-bbt/parts
cat << DELIMITER >> "$PWD"/bare-bbt/parts/header.html
<!-- wp:site-title /-->
touch "$PWD"/bare-bbt/parts/header.html
cat << DELIMITER >> "$PWD"/bare-bbt/templates/index.html
<!-- wp:template-part {"slug":"header"} /-->
<!-- wp:query -->
<div class="wp-block-query">
<!-- wp:post-template -->
<!-- wp:post-title /-->
<!-- wp:post-date /-->
<!-- wp:post-content /-->
<!-- /wp:post-template -->
<!-- /wp:query -->
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