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Blazej Michalik MrMino

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Last active Jul 20, 2021
Repack a wheel
# License: MIT
# This script repacks a wheel under "path/to/your/wheel"
# such that a "+myversion" suffix is added to the version.
# The new wheel is created in the directory specified by
# the path to "foo2 = WheelFile(...)" - it is optional,
# in case it's not given CWD is used.
# Use with wheelfile v0.0.7
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from ubuntu:18.04
run apt update
run apt install -y python3.8 python3-pip
run python3.8 -m pip install ipdb ipython
run echo '\
import unittest\n\
class Test(unittest.TestCase):\n\
function usage
echo "Usage: $0 <-a addr> [-n iterations] [-nn count]"
exit 1
# If not enough arguments show usage
if [[ $# -lt 1 ]]