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Choose pulseaudio sink via rofi/dmenu
# choose pulseaudio sink via rofi or dmenu
# changes default sink and moves all streams to that sink
sink=$(ponymix -t sink list|awk '/^sink/ {s=$1" "$2;getline;gsub(/^ +/,"",$0);print s" "$0}'|rofi -dmenu -p 'pulseaudio sink:' -location 6 -width 100|grep -Po '[0-9]+(?=:)') &&
# alternate version using dmenu:
# sink=$(ponymix -t sink list|awk '/^sink/ {s=$1" "$2;getline;gsub(/^ +/,"",$0);print s" "$0}'|dmenu -p 'pulseaudio sink:'|grep -Po '[0-9]+(?=:)') &&
ponymix set-default -d $sink &&
for input in $(ponymix list -t sink-input|grep -Po '[0-9]+(?=:)');do
echo "$input -> $sink"
ponymix -t sink-input -d $input move $sink
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sentriz commented Jul 14, 2016

this is great, thank you

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zeltak commented Aug 19, 2016

Hi this is sweet. how does one choose a specific stream to send to a sink? ie if i have both mpd and youtube playing currently it moves both streams?



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Nervengift commented Mar 5, 2017

huh, I didn't see that last comment but for reference: this script moves all streams to the selected sink.

To send streams to different outputs, I prefer pavucontrol.

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DamienCassou commented Dec 1, 2021

What is the license of this code? Can I create a package out of it?

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Nervengift commented Dec 1, 2021

Sure, use is however you want. Haven't used this in a while myself, so no guarantees.

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