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Git DMZ Flow

I've been asked a few times over the last few months to put together a full write-up of the Git workflow we use at RichRelevance (and at Precog before), since I have referenced it in passing quite a few times in tweets and in person. The workflow is appreciably different from GitFlow and its derivatives, and thus it brings with it a different set of tradeoffs and optimizations. To that end, it would probably be helpful to go over exactly what workflow benefits I find to be beneficial or even necessary.

  • Two developers working on independent features must never be blocked by each other
    • No code freeze! Ever! For any reason!
  • A developer must be able to base derivative work on another developer's work, without waiting for any third party
  • Two developers working on inter-dependent features (or even the same feature) must be able to do so without interference from (or interfering with) any other parties
  • Developers must be able to work on multiple features simultaneously, or at lea
NickVolynkin / pedantically_commented_playbook.yml
Created May 10, 2016 — forked from marktheunissen/pedantically_commented_playbook.yml
Insanely complete Ansible playbook, showing off all the options
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# ^^^ YAML documents must begin with the document separator "---"
#### Example docblock, I like to put a descriptive comment at the top of my
#### playbooks.
# Overview: Playbook to bootstrap a new host for configuration management.
# Applies to: production
# Description:
# Ensures that a host is configured for management with Ansible.
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