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deployd 1.0.0 released

Dear deployd community,

The day has come, deployd is now stable enough to be released as a major version.

This is a big deal for all of us. It means:

  • we believe that deployd is stable enough to be used on production
  • we will communicate properly about breaking changes using Semantic Versioning

It took a while because we wanted to refactor the core module before releasing 1.0.0.
We extracted the dpd CLI, the dashboard and the clientlib from the core module (deployd).
We now have 3 new npm modules that you can decide to add to your project or not:

  • deployd-cli: contains all the commands to manage your deployd app (create, start, showkey, etc...). The code is the same as before.
  • dpd-dashboard: The deployd dashboard has now its own repo and will greatly facilitate refactoring. The code is currently the same, but we hope to have some contribution to improve it (switch to react?)
  • dpd-clientlib: The frontend library to use deployd (dpd.js). The code and features stay the same, but again, this will allow us to refactor it easier.

This refactoring allows us to:

  • help contributors to understand the codebase
  • help maintainers to refactor and modernize the codebase piece by piece
  • install dashboard, clientlib or cli only if you use them, making your production app more secure

Migration path

If you want to upgrade your existing app to the new version of deployd, you might need to install this 3 dependencies as well. npm update deployd && npm install --save dpd-dashboard dpd-clientlib

To keep using the dpd command, install deployd-cli globally (npm install deployd-cli -g).

All this work (refactoring and testing) wouldn't have been possible without our team of contributors. In particular:

  • @andreialecu for most of the refactoring work
  • @Kapnobatai3434, @moorthi07, @poldiwa and @rgolea for their help on the deployd-cli

We're looking for more contributors. If you feel like you want to join our team, let me know on gitter. Also, read our CONTRIBUTING document to know how to contribute to the deployd projects.

It's been a lot of work to maintain deployd the last few years and I really hope that this refactoring will make it easier for people to contribute to Deployd and make it better.

Next steps

To make deployd better, we plan to refactor the dashboard, migrating to a more modern UI using a modern frontend stack (react?). We're also looking to improve the codebase of the core. It's been written a couple of years and some cleanup / refactoring would be much appreciated. A frequently asked feature is to make deployd database agnostic, making it easier to switch to CouchDB or something else. All these improvements will only be possible if we have contributions from the community.

I really hope that you like this new release and that you enjoy deployd more than ever :)

If you have any feedback (feature request, suggestions, etc...), feel free to get in touch with me on gitter.

Nicolas, deployd lead maintainer.

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ansarizafar commented Sep 19, 2017

Congratulations. Use StencilJs for front-end and provide Postgresql and Graphql support.

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BraydenGirard commented Oct 20, 2017

Would Vue make sense on the frontend dashboard? Quick learning curve for anyone looking to contribute which would allow much less of a barrier to contribute than larger more complex frameworks such as react or angular.

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