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Sailing the seas of Swift

Nicholas Maccharoli Nirma

Sailing the seas of Swift
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tal curprogram="0" version="1.1">
<program path="" programname="hole_head" modulation="0.0" dcolfovalue="0.4233498573303223"
dcopwmvalue="0.1031103730201721" dcopwmmode="1.0" dcopulseenabled="1.0"
dcosawenabled="1.0" dcosuboscenabled="1.0" dcosuboscvolume="1.0"
dconoisevolume="0.0" hpfvalue="0.0" filtercutoff="0.473753035068512"
filterresonance="0.4271174967288971" filterenvelopemode="1.0"
filterenvelopevalue="0.09792116284370422" filtermodulationvalue="0.5374104976654053"
Nirma / Inefficient-Rod-Cut.swift
Created Jan 4, 2020
Top Down Rod Cutting DP Example in Swift (Inefficient Version)
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func maxProfitRodCut(prices: [Int], length: Int) -> Int {
if length <= 0 {
return 0
var currentMax = Int.min
for index in (1...length) {
currentMax = max(currentMax, prices[index - 1] + maxProfitRodCut(prices: prices, length: length - index))
return currentMax
Nirma / NaiveGraphs.swift
Created Nov 3, 2019
Naive Graphs Practice using Adjacency Matrix instead of normal linked lists
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import Cocoa
class Graph {
let size: Int
private var nodes: [[Int]]
init(size: Int) {
Nirma / .gitignore
Created Oct 23, 2019
Xcode .gitignore
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## ---------- File system related ----------
## ---------- Build Related ----------
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let example: Int = 42
"This is a conventional string with interpolation: \(example)"
#"This is a raw string with interpolation: \#(example)"#
##"This is a string with raw pound signs with interpolation \##(example)"##
git clone --depth 1 # a shallow clone will do
mkdir -p ~/.vim # make a vim folder if its not available already
cp -a ./swift/utils/vim/ ~/.vim # just copy over the contents of utils/vim as they are
rm -rf # this is just for cleanup
Nirma / CardboardBox.swift
Last active Apr 27, 2019
Supporting code examples for blog post "Learning to love Result"
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struct CardboardBox: Codable {
let brand: String
let width: Double
let height: Double
let depth: Double
let flavor: String?
View BasicSorts.swift
// Insertion Sort
func insertionSort(_ elements: [Int]) -> [Int] {
guard elements.count >= 2, let last = elements.last else { return elements }
var copy = elements
var pivot = last
var idx: Int
for index in 0..<(elements.count - 1) {
idx = index

Open Source Swift

Nicholas Maccharoli


View Fibs.swift
func recursiveFib(position: Int) -> Int {
if position == 0 || position == 1 {
return position
return recursiveFib(position: position - 1) + recursiveFib(position: position - 2)
func dynamicFib(position: Int) -> Int {