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Created Mar 2, 2018
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Open Source Swift

Nicholas Maccharoli


Self Intro

  • iOS developer based in Tokyo, swift enthusiast.

  • occasional Swift & Swift evolution contributor

  • Author of Swift Evolution Proposal SE-0053 and SE-0177

  • Naturalized Japanese Citizen, Legal name: Katsutoshi (勝利)

Getting Started

  • Make an account on
  • Make an account on
  • Setup development environment

Go over to, read the README, follow setup instructions.

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" # Install home-brew

brew install cmake ninja # Get ninja and cmake setup for our build system

mkdir swift-source # If you don't do this, things are gonna get messy
cd swift-source    # Move over our new workspace 

git clone
./swift/utils/update-checkout --clone # Setup development environment 


Useful Articles & Talks

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