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bauli - well
balti - bucket
mushak (?) - leather water bag large
chuprasi - errand man
parcha - magazine
shaukeen - fan of
pasandida - favorite
dharmiyan - same as bheech
ghut - strong or tight
ghitan - rope (use ghut with it, or call someone ghut i think it means they are strong)
zahen - brain
naseeb - allahs written fate
zahen naseeb - im obliged (more respectful then shukria) (has nothing to do with zahen OR naseeb)
sur ankhon pay - when given advice, a way to thank
? - boundary
raygastan - desert
talukhay - relations
rishta - relationship
angan & sahen - yard which has dirt (no stone flooring)
daylan - ?? in the house yard?
?? - courtyard
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