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View multipart-examples.js
var chunk_cnt = 0;
var upload = function() {
// /{user-id}/feed?message={message}&access_token={access-token}
body_prefix: 'Chunk ' + (++chunk_cnt) + ' - ',
reason: formatStringFromName('uploading_init', 'app')
View implicitRoutes.js
const { routes } = require('../../../config/routes');
const pluralize = require('pluralize');
const { camelCase } = require('lodash');
* implicitRoutes hook
* @description :: A hook definition. Extends Sails by adding shadow routes, implicit actions, and/or initialization logic.
* @docs ::
View typical-env-locations.txt
2020-02-22T05:47:29.811462184Z - GET /vod_installer/.env (4ms 404)
2020-02-22T05:47:30.201288566Z - GET /login/.env (2ms 404)
2020-02-22T05:47:30.590670434Z - GET /apps/.env (6ms 404)
2020-02-22T05:47:30.975336099Z - GET /docker/.env (2ms 404)
2020-02-22T05:47:31.356389783Z - GET /engine/.env (2ms 404)
2020-02-22T05:47:31.755648105Z - GET /.env (5ms 404)
2020-02-22T05:47:32.139752236Z - GET /inc/.env (3ms 404)
2020-02-22T05:47:32.523264401Z - GET /development/.env (2ms 404)
2020-02-22T05:47:32.905328696Z - GET /system/.env (2ms 404)
2020-02-22T05:47:33.288912713Z - GET /admin/.env (1ms 404)
View lib-sockets.js
import io from '';
import getBaseUrl from '../../../utils/get-base-url';
let mSocket: null | SocketIOClient.Socket = null;
let mIsConnecting = false;
* Create io.socket if it doesn't exist. If it does, and it's disconnected
* then reconnect it. If io.socket is in process of connecting, this will
View rxjs
View sails-sockets-utils.js
* Returns the room names that a socket is connected to.
* @param {string} socketId - a socket id - `sails.sockets.getId(this.req)`
* @returns {string[]} rooms
function getSocketRooms(socketId) {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {'/').adapter.clientRooms(socketId, (err, rooms) => {
  1. Initialize sails web app by doing sails new sails-webpack and then Choose 1 for “Web App”.
  2. Uninstall Grunt: a. Run npm un grunt sails-hook-grunt. b. Delete /tasks directory.
  3. Install packages for our webpack hook: a. Install dev dependency by running npm i webpack -D. b. Install lodash as prod dependency (as I'm sure you'll use this in prod later) by running npm i lodash.
  4. Create webpack hook: a. Run sails generate hook webpack, this creates file api/hooks/webpack/index.js. b. Overwrite it with this contents -
View index.js
import '../dependencies/bootstrap-4/bootstrap-4.css';
import '../dependencies/fontawesome.css';
import '../styles/importer.less';
import './cloud.setup';
import './components/ajax-button.component';
import './components/ajax-form.component';
import './components/js-timestamp.component';
import './components/modal.component';
import './utilities/open-stripe-checkout';
View layout-js.html
<script src="/dependencies/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="/dependencies/lodash.js"></script>
<script src="/dependencies/moment.js"></script>
<script src="/dependencies/bootstrap-4/bootstrap-4.bundle.js"></script>
<script src="/dependencies/cloud.js"></script>
<script src="/dependencies/vue.js"></script>
<script src="/dependencies/vue-router.js"></script>
<script src="/dependencies/"></script>
<script src="/dependencies/parasails.js"></script>
<script src="/js/index.bundle.js"></script>
View layout-css.html
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/js/index.bundle.css">
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