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Created February 28, 2021 23:13
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Here we are rewriting the URLs so they all flow through our worker
// set the site we are modifying
const site = '';
// domain rewriter vars
const OLD_URL = "";
const NEW_URL = "/";
// do this on a fetch
addEventListener('fetch', event => {
const request = event.request
async function handleRequest(request) {
// store the URL
const url = new URL(request.url);
// disallow crawlers (write a robots.txt file)
if(url.pathname === "/robots.txt") {
return new Response('User-agent: *\nDisallow: /', {status: 200});
// when overrideHost is used in a WPT script, WPT sets x-host to original host i.e. site we want to proxy
// store the value of x-host
const xhost = request.headers.get('x-host');
// If the `x-host` header is missing, abort and tell us
if(!xhost) {
return new Response('x-host header missing', {status: 403});
// set our hostname to that listed in the x-host header
url.hostname = xhost;
// look for header that allows us to bypass the transform entirely
const bypassTransform = request.headers.get('x-bypass-transform');
// get the accept header to allow us to examine the type of request it is
const acceptHeader = request.headers.get('accept');
// check that the x-host header matches what is contained in the site
// make sure we aren't wanting to bypass the transformations
if(xhost === site && (!bypassTransform || (bypassTransform && bypassTransform.indexOf('true') === -1))){
// check for an accept header and what it contains
if(acceptHeader && acceptHeader.indexOf('text/html') >= 0){
// store this particular HTML response for modification
let oldResponse = await fetch(url.toString(), request)
// create a new response
let newResponse = new HTMLRewriter()
// rewrite the links from the following page elements
.on("a", new AttributeRewriter("href"))
.on("link", new AttributeRewriter("href"))
.on("img", new AttributeRewriter("src"))
.on("script", new AttributeRewriter("src"))
.on("image", new AttributeRewriter("src"))
.on("meta", new AttributeRewriter("content"))
// transform the old response
// return the modified page
return newResponse
// otherwise just proxy the request unmodified
return fetch(url.toString(), request);
class AttributeRewriter {
constructor(attributeName) {
this.attributeName = attributeName
element(element) {
const attribute = element.getAttribute(this.attributeName)
if (attribute) {
attribute.replace(OLD_URL, NEW_URL),
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adicore commented Jun 9, 2021

how to add multiple domains or subdomains on const OLD_URL?

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