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Created November 11, 2022 16:23
Connecting Nextcloud + Authelia + LLDAP + OpenID Connect Tutorial
Normanras /
Created August 13, 2022 01:22
Python Script to pull 5-letter words from txt files for a wordle clone
# This is a good beginner script for those learning python and want to learn about opening, reading, writing, and closing
# files. I commented out print statements that were used for debugging. If you're learning, I recommend uncommenting those
# print statements to get a good understanding of what's happening in each function.
# I wrote this python script to pull out 5 letter words from a directory full of txt files with Italian words. There were no
# accents in the plain text wordlists except for some words with an apostraphe at the end, such as "cioe'" Row 29 and 30 were
# added to ignore those words.
# One big advantage I had was that these txt files had a new word on each line, making it really easy to extract the correct
# length words. You could easily reuse this with password text files used for bruteforce dictionaries.
Normanras /
Last active August 11, 2022 14:36
Google Sheets Extract to Slack Message
| This script sends a reminder message to a Slack channel for rows with blank data and tagging the owner of that data. |
| Currently, it is only pulling from the last 5 days, but this can be changed with the daysToSubtract variable. |
| Google Apps lets you send this out based on a number of triggers. The original script went out daily, so employees could | |fill in their data before EOD. |
| You will need your chosen channel's Webhook URL. |
| |
| The original use for this was for a sales team filling out information about their new meetings. |
| We