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Marco Pivetta Ocramius

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Ocramius / compiler-pass.php
Last active Dec 4, 2019
Compiler pass to declare a repository as service for each declared doctrine entity in a symfony application
View compiler-pass.php
final class RegisterRepositoriesForAllEntitiesPass implements CompilerPassInterface
/** {@inheritdoc} */
public function process(ContainerBuilder $container)
/** @var MappingDriver $metadata */
$metadata = $container->get($this->mappingDriverServiceName());
$entityManagerReference = new Reference('doctrine.orm.entity_manager');
Ocramius / proposed-dql-inspections.php
Created Sep 21, 2018
DQL inspections example/proposal for JetBrains PHPStorm EAP
View proposed-dql-inspections.php
class Foo {
private $bar = 'baz';
/** @var Baz @ORM\ManyToOne(targetEntity=Baz::class) */
private $baz;
class Baz {
private $tab = 'taz';
Ocramius / DOCTRINE-ORM-3.x-BC-BREAKS-2018-09-12.txt
Last active Sep 12, 2018
Doctrine ORM 3.x BC breaks as per 2018-09-12
View DOCTRINE-ORM-3.x-BC-BREAKS-2018-09-12.txt
[BC] REMOVED: Property Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery#$_resultSetMapping was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Property Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery#$_em was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Property Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery#$_hints was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Property Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery#$_hydrationMode was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Property Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery#$_queryCacheProfile was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Property Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery#$_expireResultCache was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Property Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery#$_hydrationCacheProfile was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\AbstractQuery#_doExecute() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMInvalidArgumentException::invalidEntityName() was removed
[BC] CHANGED: The parameter $associationMapping of Doctrine\ORM\ORMInvalidArgumentException::newEntityFoundThroughRelationship() changed from array to a non-contravariant Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\AssociationMetadata
Ocramius / BC-BREAKS.txt
Created Aug 20, 2018
doctrine/dbal 2.7.2 -> 2.8.0 Backwards Compatibility (BC) breaks
View BC-BREAKS.txt
[BC] CHANGED: Type documentation for property Doctrine\DBAL\Connection#$_conn changed from \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection to \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection|null
[BC] CHANGED: Type documentation for property Doctrine\DBAL\Connections\MasterSlaveConnection#$connections changed from \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection[] to \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection[]|null[]
[BC] CHANGED: Type documentation for property Doctrine\DBAL\Connection#$_conn changed from \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection to \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection|null
[BC] CHANGED: Type documentation for property Doctrine\DBAL\Connection#$_conn changed from \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection to \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Connection|null
[BC] SKIPPED: Provided node "Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command" is not class, but "interface"
[BC] SKIPPED: Provided node "Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command" is not class, but "interface"
[BC] SKIPPED: Provided node "Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command" is not class, but "interface"
[BC] SKIPPED: Provided
Ocramius / Caddyfile
Last active Dec 5, 2019
Example docker + docker-compose + caddy + traefik setup that routes to multiple apps from one exposed HTTP port
View Caddyfile
:80 {
root /serve
View .gitlab-ci.yml
- docker:dind
image: tiangolo/docker-with-compose
- docker info
View BC-BREAKS.txt
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::missingMappingDriverImpl() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::namedQueryNotFound() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::namedNativeQueryNotFound() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::entityMissingForeignAssignedId() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::entityMissingAssignedIdForField() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::unrecognizedField() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::unexpectedAssociationValue() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::invalidOrientation() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::invalidFlushMode() was removed
[BC] REMOVED: Method Doctrine\ORM\ORMException::entityManagerClosed() was removed
View example.php
use Zend\Diactoros\Response;
use Zend\Diactoros\Server;
use Zend\Stratigility\MiddlewarePipe;
use function Zend\Stratigility\middleware;
require 'vendor/autoload.php';
$app = new MiddlewarePipe();
View NameResolvingParser.php
namespace Roave\BetterReflection\SourceLocator\Ast\Parser;
use PhpParser\ErrorHandler;
use PhpParser\NodeTraverser;
use PhpParser\NodeTraverserInterface;
use PhpParser\NodeVisitor\NameResolver;
View output.txt
/usr/bin/php /home/ocramius/Documents/roave/ApiCompare/bin/api-compare api-compare:compare --from=v2.6.0 --to=master lib/Doctrine/ORM/Mapping/
Comparing from 83cb274a7a4d7dcef9133f6d7973f132b140efd3 to 50da42f2f472a705586a2803f9acbb991b8db0a2...
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies
Package operations: 10 installs, 0 updates, 0 removals
- Installing doctrine/lexer (v1.0.1): Loading from cache
- Installing doctrine/annotations (v1.6.0): Loading from cache
- Installing doctrine/cache (v1.7.1): Loading from cache
- Installing doctrine/collections (v1.5.0): Loading from cache
- Installing doctrine/inflector (v1.3.0): Loading from cache
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