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Compiler pass to declare a repository as service for each declared doctrine entity in a symfony application
final class RegisterRepositoriesForAllEntitiesPass implements CompilerPassInterface
/** {@inheritdoc} */
public function process(ContainerBuilder $container)
/** @var MappingDriver $metadata */
$metadata = $container->get($this->mappingDriverServiceName());
$entityManagerReference = new Reference('doctrine.orm.entity_manager');
Assert::isInstanceOf($metadata, MappingDriver::class);
$allClassNames = $metadata->getAllClassNames();
$repositoryDefinitions = array_combine(
array_map(static function (string $entity): string {
return $entity.'.repository';
}, $allClassNames),
static function (string $entity) use ($entityManagerReference): Definition {
$definition = new Definition(EntityRepository::class);
$definition->setFactory([$entityManagerReference, 'getRepository']);
$definition->setArgument(0, $entity);
return $definition;
// ...
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