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Flexbox gutters

Flexbox gutters


  • We use flexbox for our layout.
  • We want to add horizontal and vertical gutters inbetween these items.
  • Items wrap according to contents (flex-wrap: wrap), therefore we can't decide when/where to apply gutters using breakpoints.


In the future this will be possible using the {row,column}-gap (longhand) and gap (shorthand) properties. However this is not currently well supported.

A discussion of this problem can be seen at and

The most common solution involves padding on the items and negative margins on the container, to offset any extraneous padding.

Note that the choice of margin and padding, and the direction in which these are applied, is significant.

If we used margins for our gutter items instead of padding:

If we specified vertical gutters using top instead of bottom, previous content may be inaccessible due to overlap:

Known issues

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