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PSR2 with tabs instead of spaces and bracers on the end of lines
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="MyStandard">
PSR2 with changes:
* tabs instead of spaces (
* bracers on end of line instead new line
<!-- tabs -->
<arg name="tab-width" value="4"/>
<rule ref="PSR2">
<!-- bracers -->
<exclude name="Squiz.Functions.MultiLineFunctionDeclaration.BraceOnSameLine" />
<exclude name="PSR2.Classes.ClassDeclaration.OpenBraceNewLine" />
<!-- tabs -->
<exclude name="Generic.WhiteSpace.DisallowTabIndent"/>
<!-- tabs -->
<rule ref="Generic.WhiteSpace.DisallowSpaceIndent"/>
<rule ref="Generic.WhiteSpace.ScopeIndent">
<property name="indent" value="4"/>
<property name="tabIndent" value="true"/>
<!-- bracers -->
<rule ref="Generic.Functions.OpeningFunctionBraceKernighanRitchie" />
<rule ref="Generic.Classes.OpeningBraceSameLine"/>
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Ovsyanka commented Jan 29, 2017

I changed original ruleset to put open bracers of functions and classes on the end of line instead new line. I did this changes:

For functions:

  • exclude Squiz.Functions.MultiLineFunctionDeclaration.BraceOnSameLine
  • include Generic.Functions.OpeningFunctionBraceKernighanRitchie

For classes:

  • exclude PSR2.Classes.ClassDeclaration.OpenBraceNewLine
  • include Generic.Classes.OpeningBraceSameLine

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kirrie commented Mar 7, 2017

thanks for new ruleset. it works as expected for my phpcs.

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mtness commented May 15, 2017

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for!

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Thanks for this!

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