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Igor Ovsyanka

  • Russia, Kaliningrad
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Ovsyanka / ruleset.xml
Last active Feb 20, 2020 — forked from gsherwood/ruleset.xml
PSR2 with tabs instead of spaces and bracers on the end of lines
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="MyStandard">
PSR2 with changes:
* tabs instead of spaces (
* bracers on end of line instead new line
<!-- tabs -->
<arg name="tab-width" value="4"/>
Ovsyanka /
Created Sep 27, 2015
Take assigning to group without relogin
# it can not be executed as script because newgrp starting a new shell
# src:
currentGrpId=`id -g`
exec newgrp $newGrpName
exec newgrp #$currentGrpId
parentShellUser=`ps u -p $PPID | awk '{print $1}'|tail -1`
echo $parentShellUser
Ovsyanka / fullYearsBetween.js
Created Jan 22, 2014
calculate full years number between two dates
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yearsBetween = function(d1, d2, roundUp) {
// dates parsing by sugarjs
var d1 = Date.create(d1);
var d2 = Date.create(d2);
var range = d2.getFullYear() - d1.getFullYear();
if (d2.setFullYear(1972) < d1.setFullYear(1972)) range--;
if (roundUp && d2.getTime() !== d1.getTime()) range++;
return range;