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Example of how to change the return to event list button displayed on the cart modal based on the terms set the event the ticket submission is for.
<?php // Do not add the opening PHP tag if you already have one.
function tw_ee_mer_change_event_list_url_from_term($default_event_list){
// Check if this is an ajax request.
if (wp_doing_ajax()){
// Check we have an event id.
if (!empty($_POST['tkt-slctr-event-id'])) {
$EVT_ID = absint($_POST['tkt-slctr-event-id']);
if (has_term( 'courses-seminars', 'espresso_event_categories', $EVT_ID ) ){
return '';
} elseif (has_term( 'summerschool', 'espresso_event_categories', $EVT_ID ) ) {
return '';
// Return the default event list url.
return $default_event_list;
add_filter( 'FHEE__EED_Multi_Event_Registration__set_definitions__events_list_url', 'tw_ee_mer_change_event_list_url_from_term' );
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