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This thank you template file removes the 'Congratulations' text and Receipt button from the thank you page if you have ANY 'Not Approved' registrations within the group.
/** @var EE_Transaction $transaction */
/** @var boolean $revisit */
/** @var string $order_conf_desc */
do_action('AHEE__thank_you_page_overview_template__top', $transaction);
$where = array(
'TXN_ID' => $transaction->ID(),
'STS_ID' => EEM_Registration::status_id_not_approved
$not_approved_registrations = EEM_Registration::instance()->count(array($where));
<div id="espresso-thank-you-page-overview-dv" class="width-100">
<?php if (! $revisit && $not_approved_registrations == 0) : ?>
<div class="ee-attention">
<div class="extra-padding-sides">
<?php echo apply_filters(
'<h3 class="">',
'<br />'
if (! empty($TXN_receipt_url)) : ?>
<div class="jst-rght">
<a class="ee-button ee-roundish indented-text big-text"
href="<?php echo $TXN_receipt_url; ?>"><span
class="ee-icon ee-icon-PDF-file-type"></span>
<?php echo apply_filters(
__('View Full Order Confirmation Receipt', 'event_espresso')
); ?></a>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php do_action('AHEE__thank_you_page_overview_template__content', $transaction); ?>
<!-- end of espresso-thank-you-page-overview-dv -->
<?php do_action('AHEE__thank_you_page_overview_template__bottom', $transaction); ?>
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