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Alex Rock Pierstoval

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curl --silent "$(Get-Random -minimum 0)" | htmlq '.thanks strong:first-child' --text | sed -E 's/ +//g' | php -r "echo trim(file_get_contents('php://stdin'));"
Pierstoval / tauri_dev.mjs
Created Feb 11, 2022
A Node.js script to run both Node frontend & Rust backend when developing with Tauri
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import {spawn} from "child_process";
const yarn_path = process.env.npm_execpath;
const node_path = process.env.npm_node_execpath;
const create_process = function(name, args) {
let child = spawn(node_path, [yarn_path, ...args], {stdio: 'inherit'});
child.on('close', (code) => console.log(`child process ${name} exited with code ${code}`));
View obliterate.Makefile
_TITLE := "\033[32m[%s]\033[0m %s\n"
_ERROR := "\033[31m[%s]\033[0m %s\n"
@printf $(_ERROR) "WARNING" "This will remove EVERYTHING and result into a setup similar to a fresh \"git clone\"."
@printf $(_TITLE) "Project" "Stopping & deleting all containers, volumes, etc."
@docker-compose down --volumes --remove-orphans --rmi all
Pierstoval /
Last active Dec 5, 2021 — forked from rossant/
Convert from Markdown to OpenOffice for Linux Magazine
Pierstoval / Makefile
Created Mar 31, 2021
Reset your entire application securely from a Makefile
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# When you run "make full-reset", you see a warning message telling you to
# re-run the command with an environment variable if you're sure.
# So to *actually* execute the command, you have to run "make -e RESET=1 full-reset".
# Feel free to change the "resetting" scripts as you want.
# These are helper vars to use to have a nicer display for messages
_TITLE := "\033[32m[%s]\033[0m %s\n" # Green text
Pierstoval / remove_windows_dir_from_wsl.bash
Last active Mar 14, 2021
Remove Windows directories from WSL's PATH
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# Remove Windows directories from WSL's PATH
export PATH=$(echo $PATH \
| sed 's/:/\n/g' \
| sort -u \
| grep -v -e'/mnt/[a-z]/' \
| sed -z 's/\n/:/g' \
| sed 's/:$//'
Pierstoval / Makefile
Last active Jul 28, 2022
"confirm" action for your Makefile
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# To use the "confirm" target inside another target,
# use the " if $(MAKE) -s confirm ; " syntax.
@if $(MAKE) -s confirm ; then \
execute_your_command_here ; \
.PHONY: mycommand
# The CI environment variable can be set to a non-empty string,

Liste d'acronymes utilisés dans la programmation

Acronyme Définition
Les principes SOLID :
• SRP Single Responsibility Principle
• OCP Open/Closed principle
• LSP Liskov Substitution Principle (un acronyme féministe, du nom de la mathématicienne Barbara Liskov !)
• ISP Interface Segregation Principle (tu vois que ça fait conflit avec "ISP - Internet Service Provider", LAULE)
• DIP Dependency Inversion Principle
Pierstoval / Makefile
Last active Mar 2, 2021
"Check requirements" command for your Makefile
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# Use it like this:
# $ printf $(_TITLE) "Something in green" "The message"
# This will output something like this:
# [Something in green] The message
# (of course, with proper colors)
_TITLE := "\033[32m[%s]\033[0m %s\n" # Green text
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let list=document.querySelectorAll('.event--vote-stars');
let score = 0;
for (let i=0,l=list.length;i<l;i++) {
let el=list[i];