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Putnam3145 / life.d
Last active Mar 15, 2019
Generic programming lifelike cellular automata in D
View life.d
private struct LifeLikeRule
ubyte notZero;
bool zero;
this(ushort initializer)
pure ushort fullRule()
Putnam3145 / wint.lua
Created Dec 9, 2018
i do not apologize for this, nor do i. fully expect it to work to be frank, but i had to get it off my chest
View wint.lua
local eventful=require('plugins.eventful')
local function unitIsLesbian(unit)
if (unit and unit.status and unit.status.current_soul) then
local soul=unit.status.current_soul
local orientation=soul.personality.orientation_flags
Putnam3145 / bedassign.lua
Created Jul 5, 2018
Sets all beds with no rooms set to have rooms.
View bedassign.lua
-- Autoassigns all beds which do not have assigned rooms to rooms.
-- Will flood fill up to -size size.
Sets all beds with no rooms set to have rooms.
bedassign -size will set all rooms to press the + key -size times. Setting -size to a negative value will press the - key instead.
Putnam3145 / custom-artifact.lua
Last active Dec 11, 2017
Allows the addition of custom artifacts with arbitrary name, mat and type to the world in Dwarf Fortress.
View custom-artifact.lua
-- Makes it so that the world will always have certain artifacts in certain sites when world loads.
--@ module = true
--Author Putnam
local usage = [===[
This tool, when run, checks if the specific item has an artifact record somewhere in the world
and places the artifact at a valid site (which can be constrained by arguments) if it is not found.
View dfDate.lua
local df_date={} --lol I really should put this in its own file
return date1.year==date2.year and date1.year_tick==date2.year_tick
if date1.year<date2.year then return true end
if date1.year>date2.year then return false end
if date1.year==date2.year then
Putnam3145 / ClickableLabel.lua
Created May 8, 2016
An intuitive clickable text label for DFHack UI purposes.
View ClickableLabel.lua
local gui=require('gui')
local widgets=require('gui.widgets')
local ClickableLabel=defclass(ClickableLabel,widgets.Label)
Putnam3145 / family.lua
Last active Sep 27, 2019
A family tree generator for Dwarf Fortress.
View family.lua
FamilyNode.ATTRS {
histfig_id = DEFAULT_NIL,
mother = DEFAULT_NIL,
father = DEFAULT_NIL,
spouse = DEFAULT_NIL,
progenitor = false,
children = {}
Putnam3145 / SMHackin.lua
Last active Feb 6, 2017
A bunch of dumb BizHawk hacks I've made for Super Metroid.
View SMHackin.lua
assistantUI = forms.newform(200, 120, "SMAssist")
autoShineActivated = forms.checkbox(assistantUI,'Auto Shinespark Crouch',1,1)
autoFireActivated = nil --not in there yet
autoDamageBoostActivated = forms.checkbox(assistantUI,'Auto Damage Boost',1,23)
homingMissileActivated = forms.checkbox(assistantUI,'Homing Missile',1,45)
Putnam3145 / badThoughtNotifier.lua
Created May 15, 2015
A script that notifies the user of the most common bad thoughts in the fort.
View badThoughtNotifier.lua
local function getRaceName()
return df.creature_raw.find([1]
local function emotionIsNegative(thought)
return thought.type~=-1 and df.emotion_type.attrs[thought.type].divider>0
local function write_gamelog_and_announce(msg,color)
Putnam3145 / get_generated_raws.lua
Last active Sep 24, 2015
Outputs a few files containing generated raws.
View get_generated_raws.lua
local creatures = assert('/generated_creatures.txt', 'w'))
local items = assert('/generated_items.txt', 'w'))
local materials = assert('/generated_materials.txt', 'w'))
local entities = assert('/generated_entities.txt', 'w'))
local interactions = assert('/generated_interactions.txt', 'w'))
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