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Why does Github need statuses?

Stephen Ball REBELinBLUE

Why does Github need statuses?
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What I Use

Inspired by James Brooks I have put together a list of hardware, software and services I use regularly.


15" MacBook Pro (2017), 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, Intel HD 630

Like James, I have managed to avoid the keyboard issues many people have had with these MacBooks. Coincidentially, I also have the exact same laptop at work which is also free of the issue. My work machine is usually docked and connected to 2 monitors, where as my personal machine is used in a more mobile fashion

View gist:97a5c13c2589bb1f3df5a5b330718eb0
apiVersion: "v1"
kind: "Pod"
jenkins: "slave"
jenkins/slaves: "true"
name: "jenkins-slave-mwwnx"
View Jenkinsfile
#!/usr/bin/env groovy
DATABASE_NAME = env.BRANCH_NAME.replaceAll('/.', '_') + ".${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"
sharedPipeline {
appName = ''
setupEnvScript = """
View Jenkinsfile
#!/usr/bin/env groovy
// FIXME: Figure out how to move these to the environment section....
env.ENV_SUFFIX = '.qa'
if (env.BRANCH_NAME == 'master') {
env.ENV_SUFFIX = ''
env.IMAGE_VERSION = env.BRANCH_NAME.replaceAll('/', '.') + ".${BUILD_NUMBER}${ENV_SUFFIX}"
env.DATABASE_NAME = env.IMAGE_VERSION.replaceAll('/.', '_')
View gist:c7b4cdbad652c36084f367279cb92d25
"Use Non-ASCII Font" : true,
"Tags" : [
"Ansi 12 Color" : {
"Green Component" : 0.59999999999999998,
"Blue Component" : 0.73333333333333328,
"Red Component" : 0.42352941176470588
Created May 14, 2018 — forked from ralphschindler/
Docker For Mac Host Address Alias To Enable PHP XDebug ( Trick)

Docker (Mac) De-facto Standard Host Address Alias

This launchd script will ensure that your Docker environment on your Mac will have as an alias on your loopback device ( The command being run is ifconfig lo0 alias

Once your machine has a well known IP address, your PHP container will then be able to connect to it, specifically XDebug can connect to it at the configured xdebug.remote_host.

Installation Of IP Alias (This survives reboot)

Copy/Paste the following in terminal with sudo (must be root as the target directory is owned by root)...

View gist:1a876383b4569fc841a0e377fde4398c

install.php line 32 to 41 change the param function to

function param($name, $method)

    // Use ternary, check if the method exists in the super global area, ie _METHOD
    // If so return the value from that array, otherwise use the GLOBALS array
    // along with the HTTP_METHOD_VARS index to return the correct value
    return @isset($GLOBALS["_{$method}"]) ? $GLOBALS["_{$method}"][$name] : $GLOBALS["HTTP_{$method}_VARS"][$name];
View pre-commit
#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "php-cs-fixer pre commit hook start"
if [ -x ./bin/php-cs-fixer ]; then
View QueryStringTest.php
use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;
class QueryStringTest extends TestCase
/** @test */
public function it_can_add_parameters()
// Arrange
View QueryString.php
class QueryString
/** @var array */
private $parts = [];
* @return string
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