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Last active June 20, 2017 02:05
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$orgs = Import-Clixml "C:\CRMOrgs.xml" #Put the Literal Path to your Orgs Path here
$SQLServerName = "Example\exampleinstance" # The SQLServername\Instance name of the new server goes here
$SRSurl = "http://Example/reportserver" # reporting services URL of the new server goes here.
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.crm.powershell
$jobs = @()
foreach($org in $orgs)
$jobs += Import-CrmOrganization -SqlServerName $SQLServerName -SrsUrl $SRSurl -DatabaseName $($org.DatabaseName) -DisplayName $($org.FriendlyName) -Name $($org.UniqueName) -UserMappingMethod ByAccount
Write-Output $($org.DatabaseName)
$jobs.GetEnumerator() | Get-CrmOperationStatus
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