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Yes of course I can implement that 🥲

Moritz Friedrich Radiergummi

Yes of course I can implement that 🥲
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View stripe-schema.json
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
"$schema": "",
"definitions": {
"Stripe.Account": {
"description": "The Account object.",
"properties": {
"business_profile": {
"$ref": "#/definitions/Stripe.Account.BusinessProfile",
"description": "Business information about the account."
View validators.ts
* Validates a value that isn't falsy.
* @param field
* @param message
export function required(
field?: string,
message?: string | Message<string>,
): Validator {
Radiergummi / App.vue
Last active Nov 26, 2020
A Vue directive to react to something being dragged on the browser window. Port of this Stack Overflow answer:
View App.vue
<div v-dragging="{ enter, leave }">
import './dragging.ts';
export default {
methods: {
View www.conf
user = www-data
group = www-data
listen =
listen.backlog = 511
;listen.allowed_clients =
; Set the process dumpable flag (PR_SET_DUMPABLE prctl) even if the process user or group is differrent than the master process user.
Radiergummi /
Created Feb 28, 2020
Updates a custom certificate on Cloudflare from inside a Let's Encrypt renewal hook. Check the blog post at for more info..
#!/usr/bin/env php
// This should be the main domain your certificate is valid for. It's used for reverse
// matching the installed certificate and resolving the file path to your certificate
// files on the local file system.
$domain = '';
// This should be your Cloudflare zone ID. You can find it in the right sidebar on your
// Cloudflaare account dashboard.
Radiergummi / Cloudflare.js
Last active Nov 16, 2019
Cloudflare worker deployment
View Cloudflare.js
'use strict';
const axios = require('axios');
class Cloudflare {
constructor ( zone, emailAddress, apiKey ) {
this._zone = zone;
this._emailAddress = emailAddress;
this._apiKey = apiKey;
Radiergummi / OutputInterceptor.php
Created Nov 23, 2018
PHP class that allows to intercept output to a stream, like STDOUT. Very useful for testing CLI applications using `fwrite('', STDOUT);`.
View OutputInterceptor.php
* Intercepts bytes written to an output stream and redirects them into a buffer instead
class OutputInterceptor extends php_user_filter
* Holds the PHP stream filter
Radiergummi / TemplateEditor.vue
Last active Oct 11, 2018
Twig template editor Vue component
View TemplateEditor.vue
<article class="template-editor">
<h2 class="editor-heading">Twig Template editor</h2>
<section class="variable-editor">
<h3 class="variables-heading">
<span class="variable-count">{{ Object.keys(this.variables).length }}</span>
Radiergummi / http.js
Created Jul 26, 2018
Micro ajax wrapper in vanilla JS
View http.js
* Micro-wrapper for HTTP requests
* @type {Object}
window.http = {
* Builds a valid URL. Unless a full URL (including a protocol) is given, the current origin will be used.
Radiergummi / TimeSpan.php
Last active Jul 12, 2018
TimeSpan class - a flexible PHP class to handle time calculations
View TimeSpan.php
* TimeSpan class
* ==============
* Provides a convenience class to handle time amounts and time spans: Ever wondered how to easily figure out how many
* hours there are between 09:15:31 and 18:55:01? This class is for you. Going with the example, it's as easy as:
* `echo (new TimeSpan('18:55:01'))->sub('09:15:31')->format('h:m'); // '09:39'`