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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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General Rules

  1. License of resources (libraries, tools, fonts, images, everything) which are installed via npm or any other package manager (what means that they are not part of our repository) and are not included in any form in any release package do not concern us. It means that as long as a resource (or any its parts) is not included in our repository or any release package, we can freely use it (of course, as long as we have rights to use it). Example: licenses of your operating system or a LESS compiler are not a problem even if these tools were licensed under GPL. Example 2: You cannot use Photoshop if you haven't bought a license for it.
  2. Before using any resource that does not fall into the previous category, consult with WW, FCK or PK if its license does allow this.

Project specific rules

  1. CKEditor
  2. Licenses of all resources included in the ckeditor-dev repository or any release package must be specified in "Sources of Intellectual Property Included in CKEditor" section of the file and full text of their licenses must be included as appendix in this file. Note: This section is divided into source code and release code sections.
  3. If a 3rd party resource is concatenated with our resource, then the result file must include our license pointing to the (which mentions that a file XYZ contains a resource Foo licensed under Bar). Other licenses may be removed (so the result file contains only one license comment).

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@fredck fredck commented May 5, 2015

We've been discussing this topic in the Drupal side as we had recently issues with the MathJax license.

The conclusion seems to be that, if a third-party software is assembled with our software, a proper license must be available. No matter if that software is included in our repository or simply linked to it through npm, bower, script injection or whatever.

For example, if we create a builder application that uses other npm applications to do its job, the licenses of both apps must be compatible.

The same for icons or things that are to be included in a build or even participate on the execution of any of our software.

Tools instead, like compilers and linters are not a problem ofc. For example, they can be referenced in package.json in our projects, for example, because we'll be running then standalone.

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