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Yosemite JXA Javascript Function for clicking application sub-menu items
// Click an OS X app sub-menu item
// 2nd argument is an array of arbitrary length (exact menu item labels, giving full path)
// e.g. menuItemClick("InqScribe", ['View', 'Aspect Ratio', 'Use Media Ratio'])
// Note that the menu path (spelling & sequence) must be exactly as in the app
// See menuItemTestClick() below for a slower version which reports any errors
// For macOS Yosemite to Sierra
(function () {
'use strict';
// menuItemClick :: String -> [String] -> IO Bool
var menuItemClick = function (strAppName, lstMenuPath) {
var intMenuPath = lstMenuPath.length;
if (intMenuPath > 1) {
var appProcs = Application('System Events')
name: strAppName
procApp = appProcs.length ? appProcs[0] : undefined;
if (procApp) {
lstMenuPath.slice(1, -1)
.reduce(function (a, x) {
return a.menuItems[x].menus[x];
}, procApp.menuBars[0].menus.byName(lstMenuPath[0]))
.menuItems[lstMenuPath[intMenuPath - 1]].click();
return true;
return false;
return false;
// e.g.
//menuItemClick('InqScribe', ['Transcript', 'Transcript Settings...']);
menuItemClick("InqScribe", ['View', 'Aspect Ratio', 'Use Media Ratio'])

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@kjaymiller kjaymiller commented Nov 7, 2018

Is it okay to use this code? There is no license associated with it, so I have to assume no.

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